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Meditation 393
Women in the Catholic Priesthood II

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As stated in the previous meditation, a couple of weeks ago, eight women were ordained, supposedly as Roman Catholic priests, on a cruise boat on the St. Lawrence River on the border between Canada and the USA. Of course, the Vatican does not recognize the ordinations and has no intention of changing its policy of a men-only priesthood.

The rationale for performing the ceremony on cruise boat was to place it outside the boundaries of the Catholic Dioceses on either side of the river, and thus, at least symbolically, step outside Church authority. A rather pointless exercise as, by claiming to be ordained as Roman Catholic priests, the women are recognizing the authority of the Vatican - which will not recognize their ordination today or in the foreseeable future.

The previous meditation I wrote on this suggested the Catholic Church is hypocritical in crediting Jesus with their policy forbidding the ordination of women. But aren't these women also hypocritical in claiming to be Roman Catholic priests, while explicitly showing their disdain for the teachings of the Church.

If you disagree with one or more teachings of a religion, and if that religion provides no democratic way of changing the teachings, then the appropriate response is not hypocrisy. It is to leave. Found your own church. (It's not that difficult.)

In this case it could be called the Equality Catholic Church. Pick the Roman Catholic teachings you accept; abandon the rest. After all, every Christian denomination, without exception, practices cafeteria Christianity. And when you do your ordinations, don't sneak between the boundaries of dioceses as if you have something to hide. Ordain your women priests openly in a public park across the road from the Cathedral. That will better communicate your opinion of the Vatican's policy.

Spiritual dishonesty is not an effective response to spiritual dishonesty.

Meanwhile, our own ordination application will continue not to ask questions about gender or sexual preference. We regard it as irrelevant.