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Acton, John Emerich E.D. Power tends to corrupt and Meditation 579
Adams, Douglas Human beings, who are alomst unique in Meditation 547
Adams, Douglas I find the whole business of religion... Meditation 75
Adams, John Let the human mind loose Meditation 337
Adams, John The question before the human race is Meditation 130
Aeschylus It is not the oath that makes.. Meditation 401
Aiken, Howard Don't worry about people stealing Meditation 471
Alfonso the Wise If I had been present at creation Meditation 241
Ali, Muhammed You don't want no pie in the sky Meditation 380
Allen, Hervey Religions change; Meditation 142
Allen, Woody How can I believe in God Meditation 241
Allen, Woody I'm astounded by people who Meditation 286
Ambler, Eric For the skeptic there remains only one Meditation 96
Amin, Qasim The evidence of history confirms Meditation 211
Amis, Kingsley He was of the faith chiefly in the sense Meditation 269
Amos, Wally "Famous" Life isn't fair. Meditation 526
Anonymous A wise man can see more from Meditation 505
Anonymous Religion is for people who are afraid.. Meditation 64
Anonymous So many Christians long for integration of church Meditation 260
Anonymous The chicken probably came before the egg Meditation 269
Anonymous Theology: the study of Meditation 241
Anonymous When no one had answers they created God. Meditation 201
Anthony, Susan B I distrust those people who know so well Meditation 130
Aristotle All men by nature desire Meditation 635
Aristotle Rhetoric is usefull because Meditation 526
Aristotle The gods too, are fond Meditation 301
Aristotle The high-minded man must care more for Meditation 450
Aristotle The least initial deviation from the truth Meditation 117
Aristotle We become just by Meditation 401
Arnold, Matthew The true mystery of the world is Meditation 505
Asimov, Isaac However much the creationist leaders might Meditation 425
Asimov, Isaac Humanity has the stars in its future, Meditation 117
Asimov, Isaac I don't believe in an afterlife Meditation 526
Asimov, Isaac If knowledge can create problems Meditation 635
Asimov, Isaac Imagine the people who believe such things Meditation 251
Asimov, Isaac Man's greatest asset is Meditation 484
Asimov, Isaac Never let your morals Meditation 601
Asimov, Isaac Properly read, the Bible is Meditation 337
Asimov, Isaac The chief characteristic of the religion of Meditation 201
Asimov, Isaac The saddest aspect of life Meditation 547
Associated Press A Texas evangelist fled Cambodia on Saturday Meditation 201
Atkins, PW Religion closes off the central questions Meditation 190
Atkins, PW Someone with a fresh mind, Meditation 96
Atkinson, Brooks People everywhere enjoy believing things Meditation 251
Auden, W. H. Pleasure is by no means an infallible guide Meditation 401
Auden, W. H. We are here on earth to do good to others. Meditation 380
Aurelius, Marcus If anyone can show me, and prove to me, Meditation 89
Austen, Jane It will, I believe, be everywhere found, that Meditation 547
Austen, Jane Such evil deeds Meditation 526
Bacon, Francis Let the mind be enlarged... Meditation 450
Bakunin, Mikhail A All religions, with their gods, Meditation 130
Bakunin, Mikhail A I reverse the phrase of Voltaire Meditation 349
Baraka, Imamu Amiri God has been replaced Meditation 117
Barber, Ron I see these two legendary men Meditation 180
Barker, Dan Faith is a cop-out. Meditation 622
Barry, Dave People who want to share their religious views Meditation 130
Barth, Karl Faith is never identical with piety. Meditation 180
Bernard, Claude Our ideas are only intellectual instruments Meditation 211
Berry, Chuck Of the five most important things Meditation 89
Biafra, Jello If you love God Meditation 241
Bierce, Ambrose Arma Virumque Meditation 180
Bierce, Ambrose Pray: To ask the laws of the universe to be Meditation 190
Billings, Josh It is better to know nothing Meditation 130
Billingsley, Lloyd The true fanatic is a theocrat, Meditation 96
Bizet, Georges Religion is a means of exploitation Meditation 201
Blake, William You never know what is enough Meditation 117
Bluestone, Ed If God wanted sex to be fun, Meditation 325
Bok, Derek If you think education is expensive, Meditation 301
Bonaparte, Napoleon Everything is more or less organized matter. Meditation 142
Bonaparte, Napoleon Governments only keep their promises... Meditation 162
Bonaparte, Napoleon In politics, stupidity... Meditation 117
Bonaparte, Napoleon Never ascribe to malice that which Meditation 471
Bonaparte, Napoleon Religion is what keeps... Meditation 83
Bonaparte, Napoleon The best way to keep... Meditation 122
Bonaparte, Napoleon There is no place in a fanatic's head Meditation 105
Boorstin, Daniel Human models are more vivid Meditation 471
Boorstin, Daniel I have observed that the world has suffered Meditation 286
Boosler, Elayne The Vatican is against surrogate Meditation 401
Borg, Marcus J Believing cannot tip the scales Meditation 231
Born, Max Intellect distinguishes between the possible and Meditation 622
Boucher, Anthony What is there to do in life but Meditation 401
Bradbury, Ray We have thousands of religions Meditation 201
Brandon, Nathaniel Anyone who engages in the practice of Meditation 275
Brazelton, Dr. T Barry At first I wanted to be... Meditation 83
Brecht, Dertolt Do not fear death so much Meditation 622
Bronowski, Jacob Man masters nature not by force Meditation 526
Bronte, Emily Vain are the thousand creeds Meditation 313
Broun, Heywood The pursuit of happiness belongs to us, Meditation 221
Brown, Justin If the Bible is mistaken in telling us Meditation 349
Bruce, Lenny Because I'm Jewish, a lot of people ask Meditation 301
Bruce, Lenny Every day, people are straying away Meditation 380
Bruce, Lenny If Christ had died in the 20th Century Meditation 275
Bryan, William Jennings If the Bible and the microscope do not agee Meditation 450
Buchanan, James I have not met an intelligent person whose Meditation 275
Buck, Pearl S I feel no need for any other faith Meditation 269
Buddha Be not misled by reports or tradition or Meditation 180
Buddha Believe nothing... Meditation 162
Buddha The gift of truth excels Meditation 425
Buddha The world is in continuous flux Meditation 484
Buddha To insist on a spiritual practice Meditation 130
Buffett, Jimmy My head hurts, Meditation 112
Bukowski, Charles For those who believe in God, Meditation 142
Bukowski, Charles God is a lonely place Meditation 105
Bumpersticker After the Rapture Meditation 364
Burbank, Luther As a scientist, I cannot help feeling that Meditation 325
Burke, Edmund No passion so effectively robs the mind Meditation 635
Burns, George For centuries, theologians have been explaining Meditation 547
Burns, Robert Why has a religious turn... Meditation 75
Burroughs, William F If you are doing business Meditation 122
Burton, Sir Richard Francis To believe in God or in a guiding force Meditation 547
Bush, George W I am also mindful that man should never Meditation 313
Bush, Vannevar The common idea that scientists reject a theory Meditation 471
Butler, Samuel A credulous mind ... finds most delight Meditation 622
Butler, Samuel An apology for the devil... Meditation 64
Butler, Samuel Christ was only crucified once Meditation 286
Butler, Samuel God was satisfied with Meditation 286
Butler, Samuel Religion is in the interest of churches Meditation 275
Butterfield, Sir Herbert The greatest menace to our civilization today Meditation 112
Caen, Herb The trouble with born again Christians Meditation 96
Caesar, Julius Men willingly believe what they wish. Meditation 231
Capra, Fritjof As long as we do science, some things Meditation 450
Carlin, George Here's another question I've been pondering Meditation 275
Carlin, George Honesty may be the best policy Meditation 325
Carlin, George I say if you're going to go for the Angel Meditation 286
Carlin, George I would never want to be a member of a group Meditation 313
Carlin, George I'm completely in favor of the separation Meditation 221
Carlin, George I've begun worshipping the sun Meditation 130
Carlin, George When it comes to God's existence Meditation 526
Carlin, George Who says life is sacred Meditation 325
Carlyle, Thomas If Jesus Christ were to come today, Meditation 170
Carter, Jimmy There can be no incompatibility between Meditation 364
Catholic Church The doctrine that the earth... Meditation 83
Cato the Younger We have long since lost the true names of things. Meditation 450
Chamfort, Nicholas The only thing that keeps god from Meditation 301
Charles, Ray I'm a firm believer in God himself, Meditation 152
Chase, Ilka It is usually when men are Meditation 89
Chesterton, G. K. It's not the world that has got so much worse Meditation 380
Chesterton, G. K. The Bible tells us to love Meditation 601
Chinese Proverb He who asks is a fool for five minutes, Meditation 484
Cicero The problem with people who have no vices Meditation 547
Clarke, Arthur C A faith that cannot survive collision with Meditation 337
Clarke, Arthur C I don't believe in God, but Meditation 286
Clarke, Arthur C I would defend the liberty of consenting adult Meditation 505
Clarke, Arthur C It may be our role on this planet Meditation 325
Clarke, Arthur C Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe Meditation 313
Cleese, John What is absurd is not the teachings Meditation 380
Clifford, William K It is wrong always, everywhere, Meditation 349
Close, Chuck After a few days in hospital, I was thinking, Meditation 211
Cohen, Chapman Gods are fragile things; Meditation 89
Cohen, Morris If religion cannot restrain evil Meditation 89
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor He who begins by loving Christianity... Meditation 83
Colie, Rosalie Once you have denied the principles of science Meditation 313
Confucius I am a fortunate man. Meditation 401
Confucius Learning without thought is Meditation 505
Confucius When you know a thing, to hold that Meditation 635
Confucius You are not able even to serve man Meditation 425
Connolly, Billy The more you know Meditation 130
Conrad, Joseph The belief in a supernatural source of evil Meditation 89
Cooper, Thomas Only fraud and falsehood Meditation 105
Copernicus To know that we know what we know Meditation 380
Coward, Noel Miss Erickson looked even more peculiar Meditation 364
Crick, Francis Orgel's Second Rule: Meditation 484
Dalai Lama This is my simple religion. Meditation 162
Dalberg-Acton, John Emerich Power tends to corrupt and Meditation 251
Darrow, Clarence I am an agnostic; Meditation 162
Darrow, Clarence I don't believe in god because Meditation 201
Darrow, Clarence To have doubted one's own Meditation 547
Darwin, Charles I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and Meditation 260
Darwin, Charles It appears to me (whether rightly or wrongly) Meditation 190
Darwin, Charles It has often and confidently been asserted Meditation 425
Darwin, Charles The main conclusion arrived at in my work Meditation 450
Darwin, Charles The mystery of the beginning of all things Meditation 241
Davies, Robertson Fanaticism is . . . Meditation 275
Davies, Robertson The Bible takes much of its colour from Meditation 241
Dawkins, Richard Faith is the great cop-out Meditation 349
Dawkins, Richard I am against religion because it teaches Meditation 275
Dawkins, Richard Nearly all peoples have developed Meditation 349
Dawkins, Richard Religion is unusual among divisive labels Meditation 211
Dawkins, Richard We are all atheists about most Meditation 364
Dawkins, Richard We are built as gene machines and Meditation 380
de Goncourt, Jules If there is a God, atheism must strike Him as Meditation 105
de Gourmont, Remy Of all the sexual aberrations, Meditation 401
de La Bruyere, Jean A pious man is one who Meditation 325
de Montaigne, Michel Man is certainly stark mad... Meditation 75
de Vries, Peter It is the final proof of God's omnipotence Meditation 241
Deacon, George If absolute power corrupts absolutely Meditation 579
Dedering, FW Astrology is Taurus Meditation 425
Dewey, John A moral principle is not Meditation 105
Dickinson, Emily Faith is a fine invention Meditation 579
Dickinson, Emily Some keep the Sabbath Meditation 269
Diderot, Denis I have not the hope of being immortal Meditation 325
Diderot, Denis I have only a small flickering light Meditation 601
Diderot, Denis It is very important not to Meditation 579
Diderot, Denis Mankind have banned the Divinity from Meditation 96
Diderot, Denis Men will never be free until Meditation 286
Diderot, Denis Scepticism is the first step toward truth Meditation 221
Diderot, Denis The Christian religion teaches us to imitate Meditation 313
Dietrich, Marlene If there's a supreme being Meditation 286
Dietrich, Marlene In America, sex is an obsession. Meditation 301
Dietrich, Marlene Superstitions are habits Meditation 325
Diodorus Siculus The myths about Hades and the gods Meditation 269
Disraeli, Benjamin The greatest good you can do... Meditation 152
Disraeli, Benjamin To be conscious you are ignorant Meditation 117
Dobzhansky, Theodosius The business of proving evolution Meditation 579
Douglas, Norman Shall I give you my recipe for happiness? Meditation 152
Douglas, William O I do not know of any salvation for society except Meditation 337
Douglas, William O Political or religious dissenters are Meditation 337
Douglass, Frederick Liberty is meaningless Meditation 105
Douglass, Frederick The simplest truths Meditation 112
Dr. Pepper Now please state the scientific theory of Meditation 526
Draper, John W How can the Church be received Meditation 170
Dunne, Finley Peter A fanatic is a man who does Meditation 286
Durrell, Lawrence it is with God we must be Meditation 89
Durrell, Lawrence None of the great religions Meditation 96
Durrell, Lawrence Religion is simply art bastardized Meditation 112
Durrell, Lawrence We are all looking... Meditation 83
Ebner-Eisenbach, Maria von One has to do good for it to exist Meditation 170
Eckhart, Meister If the only prayer you said Meditation 83
Edison, Thomas I cannot believe in the immortality of the soul Meditation 313
Einstein, Albert A man's ethical behavior... Meditation 162
Einstein, Albert As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, Meditation 484
Einstein, Albert I am a deeply religious nonbeliever Meditation 349
Einstein, Albert I cannot imagine a God Meditation 96
Einstein, Albert If we knew what it was we were doing, Meditation 450
Einstein, Albert My religiosity consists in a humble admiration Meditation 269
Einstein, Albert One thing I have learned in a long life Meditation 471
Einstein, Albert Only two things are infinite... Meditation 122
Einstein, Albert Science without religion is lame Meditation 96
Einstein, Albert True religion is real living; Meditation 130
Eisenhower, Dwight D The only way they'll ever get me into church Meditation 231
Eley, Steve Invisible Pink Unicorns are beings of awesome Meditation 231
Eliade, Mircea Man makes himself... Meditation 83
Eliot, George Blessed is the man who Meditation 579
Ellis, Havelock A religion can no more afford to degrade Meditation 180
Ellison, Harlan In an early class, one of the students asked me Meditation 221
Emerson, Ralph Waldo As men's prayers are a disease of the will Meditation 275
Emerson, Ralph Waldo I like the silence of a church Meditation 269
Epictetus It is impossible for a man to begin Meditation 471
Epicurus Is god willing to prevent evil... Meditation 64
Ertz, Susan Millions long for immortality Meditation 83
Evans-Pritchard, EE If primitive religion could be explained away Meditation 96
Falwell, Jerry I feel most ministers who claim Meditation 152
Falwell, Jerry I want you to have all the academic freedom Meditation 425
Faure, Elie God is a child who amuses himself, Meditation 201
Feibleman, James A myth is a religion in which Meditation 142
Feiffer, Jules Christ died for our sins. Meditation 286
Feuerbach, Ludwig It is not as in the Bible Meditation 349
Feynman, Richard For a successful technology, reality must Meditation 484
Feynman, Richard I believe that a scientist looking at Meditation 622
Feynman, Richard I don't have to know an answer. Meditation 105
Feynman, Richard You see, one thing is, Meditation 117
Field, David Dudley The greatest achievement ever made Meditation 260
Fields, Emmet F The Theologian is an owl, Meditation 96
Fields, W.C I am free of all prejudices. Meditation 64
Fitzgerald, F Scott At 18, our convictions are hills Meditation 211
Fitzgerald, F Scott The test of a first-rate intelligence is Meditation 450
Flanagan, Brian When you feel that you have right Meditation 142
Flanagan, Brian You can do some terrible things Meditation 130
Flanders, Ned Science is like a blabbermouth Meditation 251
Flynt, Larry Religion has caused more harm than Meditation 180
Foote, George W There are two things in the world Meditation 170
Ford, Harrison Science is facts; just as houses are made of Meditation 547
Fowles, John Whatever sympathy I feel towards religions, Meditation 180
France, Anatole Nature has no principles. Meditation 190
Frankfurter, Felix Certainly the affirmative pursuit of one's Meditation 260
Franklin, Benjamin I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Meditation 64
Franklin, Benjamin Lighthouses are more helpful Meditation 313
Franklin, Benjamin The way to see by faith is Meditation 364
Frederick the Great All religions must be tolerated... Meditation 105
Freud, Sigmund Devout believers are safeguarded Meditation 170
Freud, Sigmund If all the evidence put forward Meditation 180
Freud, Sigmund In the long run, nothing can withstand Meditation 112
Freud, Sigmund It would be very nice if there were Meditation 349
Freud, Sigmund Neither in my private life nor in my writings Meditation 313
Freud, Sigmund No, our science is no illusion. Meditation 190
Freud, Sigmund Religion is an illusion Meditation 425
Freud, Sigmund Religion restricts the play of choice Meditation 269
Freud, Sigmund The whole thing is so patently infantile Meditation 275
Friedman, Kinky In six days the Lord created the heavens Meditation 380
Friedman, Kinky We're all worm bait waiting Meditation 425
Friedman, Milton Underlying most arguments against Meditation 162
Gaiman, Neil God does not play dice with the universe; Meditation 130
Galbraith, J.K. The men of the technostructure are the new Meditation 221
Galilei, Galileo I do not feel oblighed to believe that Meditation 601
Galilei, Galileo In questions of science, the authority of Meditation 450
Geisel, Theodore Seuss Preachers in pulpits talked about Meditation 231
Ghandi, Mohandas Whomsoever you follow, howsoever great Meditation 251
Gibbon, Edward A state of skepticism and suspense may amuse Meditation 170
Gibbon, Edward Religion is a mere question of geography Meditation 152
Gibran, Kahlil I have learnt silence from the talkative Meditation 622
Gibran, Kahlil The test of courage comes when we are Meditation 547
Gill, Brendan The first step to getting the things you want Meditation 635
Glasgow, Arnold H The fewer the facts, the Meditation 601
Glassco, John But I was not, to use the theological Meditation 142
Godfrey, Laurie Scientific creationism may be poor science Meditation 425
Goldwater, Barry I think every good Christian... Meditation 75
Goldwater, Barry If they chased every man or woman out of Meditation 337
Gould, Stephen Jay In science, "fact" can only mean Meditation 601
Gould, Stephen Jay The effort to understand the universe Meditation 547
Gould, Stephen Jay The most erroneous stories are those Meditation 450
Green, Ruth Hermence There was a time when religion ruled the world Meditation 96
Gregory, Dick I never believed in Santa Claus because Meditation 313
Groen, Rick The only thing that makes a text sacred Meditation 130
Gualtieri, Antonio There is a disposition on the part of institutions Meditation 231
Guindon, Richard The good Lord never gives you more Meditation 251
Gunther, John Laws alone can not secure Meditation 547
Haldane, J.B.S Blake expressed some doubt as to whether Meditation 425
Haldane, J.B.S Scientific education and religious education are Meditation 251
Haldane, J.B.S The Creator, if He exists, Meditation 484
Haldeman-Julius, E A sober, devout man will interpret 'God's will' Meditation 201
Haldeman-Julius, E Credulity is not a crime for the individual Meditation 105
Hancock, Butch Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me Meditation 83
Hardin, Garret The god who is reputed to have created fleas Meditation 425
Hare, David Writers always sound insufferably smug when Meditation 425
Harris, Emmylou God is the big question mark. Meditation 241
Harris, Sam Tell a devout Christian that his wife is Meditation 401
Harrison, Harry I face reality and admit Meditation 112
Hawking, Stephen W What I have done is to show that it is possible Meditation 89
Hebbel, Friedrich Religion is the highest vanity. Meditation 180
Heine, Heinerich In dark ages people are best guided by religion Meditation 64
Heinlein, Robert A A desire not to butt into other people's Meditation 505
Heinlein, Robert A Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty Meditation 122
Heinlein, Robert A God is omnipotent, omniscient Meditation 96
Heinlein, Robert A History doesn't record... Meditation 75
Heinlein, Robert A History has the relation to truth Meditation 89
Heinlein, Robert A Look friends, the only possible way to enjoy Meditation 450
Heinlein, Robert A Men rarely (if ever) manage to Meditation 142
Heinlein, Robert A Never attribute to conspiracy that which Meditation 471
Heinlein, Robert A Never underestimae the power Meditation 112
Heinlein, Robert A The faith in which I was brought up Meditation 112
Heinlein, Robert A Theology is never any help; Meditation 75
Heller, Joseph All of our religions but the |Judaic Meditation 471
Heller, Joseph From men motivated by moral certitude, Meditation 484
Heller, Joseph How much reverence can you have Meditation 380
Herbert, Frank The beginning of knowledge is the discovery Meditation 450
Herbert, Frank When politics and religion are intermingled, Meditation 201
Hermann, Mike Organized religion is like organized crime; Meditation 117
Heydt, Wilson As soon as you are willing to discard Meditation 211
Hilton, Peter It is a wry commentary on the value-system Meditation 211
Hippocrates Where prayer, amulets and incantations... Meditation 83
Hitchens, Christopher Religion is not just ingongruent Meditation 170
Hitchens, Christopher Religion of every kind involves the promise Meditation 112
Hobbes, Thomas Opinion of ghosts, ignorance of Meditation 275
Hobbes, Thomas To say that God is an incorporeal substance, Meditation 142
Hodgson, Ralph Some things have to be believed to be seen. Meditation 180
Hoffer, Eric Absolute faith corrupts as Meditation 579
Hoffer, Eric Faith in a holy cause Meditation 170
Hoffer, Eric The opposite of the religious fanatic Meditation 117
Hoffer, Eric There are many who have grave scruples Meditation 152
Hoffer, Eric To be effective a doctrine must not Meditation 325
Hoffer, Eric When people are free Meditation 162
Hoffer, Eric You can discover what your enemy Meditation 505
Holden, William M Hell is paved with Meditation 286
Holly As the days go by, we face the increasing Meditation 75
Holmes Jr., Oliver Wendell Just think of the tragedy of teaching Meditation 622
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Science is a first-rate piece of furniture Meditation 260
Horowitz, David Don't bury the life you have been given Meditation 526
Huang Po The foolish reject Meditation 349
Hubbard, Elbert A mystic is a person who Meditation 180
Hubbard, Elbert The supernatural is the natural Meditation 251
Hubbard, Elbert We are punished by our sins, Meditation 170
Hughes, Frank C In this "sacred book" of family scandals Meditation 64
Hume, David Examine the religious principles Meditation 286
Hume, David Generally speaking, the errors in religion Meditation 117
Hume, David If there ba a soul Meditation 313
Hume, David No testimony is sufficient to establish Meditation 364
Hume, David The Christian religion was not only the first Meditation 301
Hume, David The many instances of forged miracles Meditation 117
Hume, David Why, then, eternal punishment for Meditation 286
Huxley, Aldous Facts do not cease to exist Meditation 505
Huxley, Aldous If we must play the theological game Meditation 180
Huxley, Aldous Nobody can have the consolations of religion Meditation 105
Huxley, Aldous You never see animals going through the absurd Meditation 170
Huxley, Julian Operationally, God is beginning to resemble Meditation 190
Huxley, Thomas Henry Agnosticism is not properly described as a Meditation 526
Huxley, Thomas Henry I am too much of a skeptic Meditation 190
Huxley, Thomas Henry Science is nothing but trained and organized Meditation 635
Hypatia Reserve your right to think, Meditation 380
Illich, Ivan School is an institution built on the axiom Meditation 471
Inge, William Ralph To become a popular religion, Meditation 130
Ingersoll, Robert G A believer is a bird in a cage Meditation 251
Ingersoll, Robert G Creationists use facts the same way a drunk Meditation 425
Ingersoll, Robert G Few nations have been so poor Meditation 349
Ingersoll, Robert G For ages, a deadly conflict has been waged Meditation 221
Ingersoll, Robert G Give the church a place in the Constitution, Meditation 190
Ingersoll, Robert G Hands that help are far better Meditation 364
Ingersoll, Robert G I have little confidence Meditation 152
Ingersoll, Robert G I want it so that every minister will not be Meditation 122
Ingersoll, Robert G If a man would follow, today, the teachings Meditation 275
Ingersoll, Robert G If the Bible and my brain... Meditation 89
Ingersoll, Robert G In nature there are neither rewards nor Meditation 286
Ingersoll, Robert G It is a lie, Meditation 142
Ingersoll, Robert G It is a thousand times better Meditation 241
Ingersoll, Robert G It is an old habit... Meditation 142
Ingersoll, Robert G It is contended by many that ours is a Christian Meditation 260
Ingersoll, Robert G Let us put theology out of religion Meditation 260
Ingersoll, Robert G Our hope of immortality does not come Meditation 251
Ingersoll, Robert G Religion has not civilized man Meditation 117
Ingersoll, Robert G Religion supports nobody Meditation 201
Ingersoll, Robert G Suppose, however, that God did give Meditation 180
Ingersoll, Robert G Take from the church the miraculous Meditation 96
Ingersoll, Robert G The hands that help are better Meditation 301
Ingersoll, Robert G This crime called blasphemy Meditation 349
Ingersoll, Robert G We are not accountable for the sins Meditation 241
Ingersoll, Robert G We are told in the Pentateuch, Meditation 231
Ingersoll, Robert G When a man really believes that it is necessary Meditation 211
Jackson, Robert H The day that this country ceases to be free Meditation 260
Jackson, Robert H Thought control is a copyright Meditation 122
James, Dresden When a well-packaged web of lies Meditation 162
James, William A great many people think they are Meditation 471
Jefferson, Thomas A cult is a religion with Meditation 484
Jefferson, Thomas I have recently been examining Meditation 301
Jefferson, Thomas It has been fifty and six years since Meditation 152
Jefferson, Thomas Question with boldness even the existence Meditation 269
Jefferson, Thomas Shake off all the fears of servile Meditation 349
Jefferson, Thomas The day will come when the mystical Meditation 301
Jefferson, Thomas What has been the effect of religious coercion? Meditation 105
Jennings, Gary After the survivor of the Spanish conquest Meditation 211
Joel, Billy They say there's a heaven for those Meditation 64
John, Elton I think people should be free to engage in Meditation 601
Johnston, Denis The Cross is a gibbet Meditation 231
Kant, Immanuel Apart from moral conduct, all that man Meditation 221
Kant, Immanuel I had to set limits to knowledge Meditation 83
Kant, Immanuel Religion is too important a matter Meditation 301
Kant, Immanuel The death of dogma is Meditation 301
Keats, John The only means of strengthening one's intellect Meditation 471
Keller, Helen It is wonderful how much time good people Meditation 170
Keller, Helen People do not like to think Meditation 231
Keller, Paul Faith is a euphemism for... Meditation 64
Kennedy, John F I believe in an America where the separation Meditation 260
Kerouac, Jack I don't know. I don't care, Meditation 380
Khayyam, Omar And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky Meditation 190
Khayyam, Omar The revelations of the devout and learn'd Meditation 275
King, Stephen The beauty of religious mania Meditation 122
Kingsolver, Barbara Prayer had always struck me as... Meditation 142
Kipling, Rudyard The Three in One, the One in Three? Meditation 190
Koestler, Arthur I have repeatedly stressed that the selfish Meditation 180
Korzybski, Alfred There are two ways to slide easily through life; Meditation 622
Krakauer, Jon Common senses is no match... Meditation 162
Krakauer, Jon I don't know if God even exists, Meditation 142
Krishnamurti, Jiddu Freedom from the desire for an answer Meditation 601
Krishnamurti, Jiddu Truth is a pathless land, Meditation 211
Kristoff, Nicholas D Despite the lack of scientific or historical Meditation 286
Kundera, Milan Hate traps us by binding us Meditation 547
Lal, Pravin Scientific theories are judged by Meditation 579
Lamb, Charles I am determined that my children shall Meditation 337
Lavner, Lynn The Bible contains six admonishments to Meditation 622
Le Bon, Gustave The masses have never thirsted Meditation 96
Leahy, Patrick For the church to say that abortion is not Meditation 190
Leary, Timothy Intelligence is the... Meditation 162
Leary, Timothy Man's best friend is his dogma Meditation 105
Leary, Timothy The universe is an intelligence test. Meditation 122
Leary, Timothy Think for yourself... Meditation 112
Leary, Timothy You're only as young as... Meditation 117
Leclerc, Georges-Louis It is easier to dream up Meditation 325
Lee, Chris Would you sing 'Krishna bless America' Meditation 180
LeGuin, Ursula K By such literalism, fundamentalism, Meditation 142
LeGuin, Ursula K The only thing that makes life possible is Meditation 505
Lennon, John God is a concept by which Meditation 180
Lennon, John Jesus was all right, but his disciples Meditation 241
Leszczynski, Stanislaw To believe with certainty we Meditation 635
Levensen, Sam We must learn from the mistakes of others. Meditation 260
Levine, Mark Proof is not anecdotal. Proof is Meditation 635
Lewis, C.S. Of all tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good Meditation 221
Lewis, Sinclair I am convinced that everything that is Meditation 622
Lichtenburg, Georg Christoph One's first step in wisdom is to Meditation 635
Lichtenburg, Georg Christoph The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic Meditation 526
Lincoln, Abraham But I cannot give liberty of conscience to Meditation 241
Lincoln, Abraham How many legs does a dog have if Meditation 547
Lincoln, Abraham It has been my experience that folks who Meditation 425
Lincoln, Abraham It will not do to investigate the subject of religion Meditation 231
Lincoln, Abraham The Bible is not my Book Meditation 269
Lippmann, Walter The radical novelty of modern science Meditation 260
Lister, Dave This is terrible! Holy wars! Killing! Meditation 190
Lorenz, Konrad Perfect as the wing of a bird may be Meditation 622
Lucretius Religion has the power to induce Meditation 122
Lunn, Arnold The theory that... Meditation 75
Luyah, Hal Lee Man was predestined Meditation 401
Lynn, Loretta There are more hypocrites in church Meditation 211
Macauley, Dame Rose Most of my friends are not Christians Meditation 337
Madison, James During almost fifteen centuries Meditation 269
Magellan, Ferdinand The Church says that the Earth is flat... Meditation 75
Mahar, Bill I believe Dr. Kevorkian is onto something. Meditation 313
Marat, Jean Paul God has always been hard Meditation 251
Marquis, Don If you make people think they're thinking Meditation 471
Marx Karl Religion is the sigh of the oppressed Meditation 349
Marx Karl The first requisite for the happiness of Meditation 364
Mather, Joshua David Belief and sincerity do not Meditation 579
Matthews, Tony History has shown us that we have Meditation 484
Maughm, Somerset I don't know why it is that the religious never Meditation 221
Maurois, Andre The difficult part in an argument Meditation 170
Maurois, Andre The value of the average conversation Meditation 622
Maxwell, James Clerk It is a universal condition of the enjoyable that Meditation 601
McCaughey, JD God is dead, but Meditation 401
McEwan, Ian Mostly, we are good when it makes sense. Meditation 105
McKinsey, Dennis If God kills, lies, cheats, discriminates, Meditation 269
McKown, Delo The invisible and the non-existant... Meditation 64
McLachlan, Matthew Age doesn't always bring wisdom, Meditation 484
Meeri, Khudair I have found that 90 per cent of religious beliefs Meditation 170
Menander It is not white hair that Meditation 601
Menander Those who wish to appear wise among fools Meditation 547
Mencken, HL A Galileo could no more be elected president Meditation 105
Mencken, HL Faith may be defined briefly Meditation 269
Mencken, HL God is the immemorial refuge... Meditation 152
Mencken, HL I detest converts almost as much as Meditation 337
Mencken, HL Only the mediocre can be Meditation 547
Mencken, HL Religion is fundamentally opposed Meditation 96
Mencken, HL Sunday school: a prison in which children Meditation 221
Mencken, HL The difference between a moral man... Meditation 64
Mencken, HL The wisest mind has something Meditation 635
Mencken, HL Theology is the effort to explain Meditation 425
Meyers, Seth Reverend Paul Barnes, the pastor of a Denver Meditation 601
Mill, John Stuart Co-operation, like other difficult things Meditation 484
Mill, John Stuart In sober truth, nearly all the things Meditation 349
Mill, John Stuart The tendency has always been strong to believe Meditation 241
Mill, John Stuart The world would be astonished if it knew Meditation 89
Miller, Arthur I don't believe in the... Meditation 162
Miller, Arthur Whenever I hear someone's in touch Meditation 142
Miller, Dennis Is intelligence a liability Meditation 349
Miller, Dennis The biggest conspiracy has always been Meditation 401
Miller, Dennis TV evangelists say they don't favor Meditation 337
Mitchell, Richard There is only one Education, Meditation 190
Mizner, Wilson I respect faith, but doubt is what Meditation 635
Montagu, Ashley Scientists believe in proof without certainty Meditation 425
Montesquieu, Baron de Churchmen are interested in keeping Meditation 325
Montesquieu, Baron de History is full of religious wars; Meditation 301
Montesquieu, Baron de If triangles made a god, Meditation 313
Montesquieu, Baron de No kingdom has ever suffered as many Meditation 325
Montessori, Maria The greatest step forward in human evolution Meditation 231
Monty Python Well, it's like I always said, Meditation 105
Moore, Patrick Astrology proves just one Meditation 579
Morley, Christopher My theology, briefly, is that the universe Meditation 364
Morris, Desmond Religious Displays, as distinct from religious Meditation 112
Most, Johann As set forth by theologians, Meditation 201
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but Meditation 505
Mulcahy, Father (M.A.S.H.) A faith of convenience is a hollow faith Meditation 122
Mullally, Joe I judge a religion as... Meditation 75
Murphy, Rex Everything written, if it has anything in it, will Meditation 505
Mussolini, Benito The history of saints is mainly Meditation 337
Nealon, Kevin The ethical argument regarding abortion Meditation 380
Nelson ,Willie I believe that all roads lead to the same place Meditation 231
New York Times Any organization could profit Meditation 142
Nicholson, Jack Do unto others. Meditation 117
Nicholson, Jack I resist all established beliefs. Meditation 105
Nicholson, Jack When we make mistakes they call it evil. Meditation 231
Niebuhr, Reinhold We make simple moral judgments, Meditation 526
Nietzsche, Friedrich After coming in contact with a religious man Meditation 89
Nietzsche, Friedrich All religions bear traces of the fact Meditation 275
Nietzsche, Friedrich Assuming that he believes at all Meditation 241
Nietzsche, Friedrich God is dead Meditation 170
Nietzsche, Friedrich If you gaze long enough into an abyss Meditation 601
Nietzsche, Friedrich It is better to know nothing Meditation 122
Nietzsche, Friedrich Jesus died too soon. Meditation 364
Nietzsche, Friedrich Mystical explanations are considered deep. Meditation 170
Nietzsche, Friedrich One should not go into church Meditation 231
Nietzsche, Friedrich The advent of the Christian God, Meditation 301
Nietzsche, Friedrich The Christian resolution... Meditation 75
Nietzsche, Friedrich Which is it:... Meditation 83
Nietzsche, Friedrich Whoever fights monsters Meditation 579
Nixon, Richard M. I would have nade a Meditation 579
Oakeshott, Michael Our predicament is not the difficulty of attaining Meditation 484
Ogilvie, O.C. Marriage ceremony: an incredible metaphysical... Meditation 142
O'Hair, Madalyn The church doctrines of obedience to authority Meditation 269
O'Malley, Austin Religion often gets credit for curing rascals Meditation 201
Oppenheimer, J. Robert There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry Meditation 251
O'Rourke, PJ Making fun of born-again Christians Meditation 152
O'Rourke, PJ There is only one basic human right, Meditation 142
O'Rourke, PJ To mistrust science and deny the validity Meditation 364
Orwell, George If liberty means anything at all Meditation 130
Orwell, George Many people genuinely do not wish to be saints, Meditation 152
Orwell, George One cannot judge... Meditation 162
Orwell, George We are all capable of believing things Meditation 260
Osborne, John It is easy to ask the ulimate questions Meditation 251
O'Toole, Peter When did I realise I was God? Meditation 601
Ovid Let others praise ancient times; Meditation 301
Owen, Robert My reason taught me that I could not have Meditation 112
Pagels, Heinz I like to browse in occult bookshops Meditation 251
Paine, Thomas All national institutions of churches Meditation 96
Paine, Thomas Any system of religion Meditation 117
Paine, Thomas Give to every other human being Meditation 152
Paine, Thomas I do not believe in the creed professed Meditation 269
Paine, Thomas My country is the world.. Meditation 64
Paine, Thomas The world is my country, Meditation 231
Paine, Thomas Whenever we read the obscene stories Meditation 275
Parton, Dolly What people do behind closed doors Meditation 380
Pascal, Blaise It is very much better to know something Meditation 122
Pascal, Blaise Reason commands us much more imperiously Meditation 231
Pascal, Blaise There is a God-shaped vaccuum Meditation 75
Pavlov, Ivan It is a good morning exercise for a Meditation 547
Planck, Max A new scientific truth does not triumph Meditation 471
Plato Those who are too smart to engage Meditation 425
Plautus, Titus Maccius Not by age, but by capacity Meditation 505
Plautus, Titus Maccius The gods play games with men Meditation 241
Plimer, Ian The creationists have this creator who Meditation 601
Pliny the Elder In these matters the only certainty is Meditation 505
Poe, Edgar Allen All religion, my friend, is simply evolved Meditation 211
Poe, Edgar Allen No man who ever lived knows any more Meditation 275
Poincare, Henri Doubt everything or believe everything Meditation 425
Poincare, Henri It is through science that we prove Meditation 471
Polybius Since the masses of the people are inconsistent, Meditation 201
Powys, Llewelyn The world is in need of less religion Meditation 170
Pratchett, Terry God does not play dice with the universe; Meditation 130
Protagoras As to the gods, I have no way of knowing Meditation 337
Proust, Marcel To acquire knowledge, one must Meditation 526
proverb (Arabian) Trust in Allah, Meditation 301
proverb (Hindu) Saints fly only in the eyes of their disciples. Meditation 96
proverb (Jewish) If God lived on Earth Meditation 313
Publilius Syrus It is a bad plan that Meditation 401
Rand, Ayn Existence exists - Meditation 162
Rand, Ayn Faith, as such, is extremely detrimental Meditation 190
Rand, Ayn If devotion to truth is the hallmatk Meditation 89
Rand, Ayn The alleged shortcut to knowledge Meditation 275
Rand, Ayn The good, say the mystics of spirit, is God Meditation 231
Rand, Ayn When one turns from reason to faith Meditation 269
Rauch, Jonathan The greatest development in modern religion Meditation 152
Raymo, Chet Coincidence is the evidence of Meditation 622
Rees, J Tudor Reputation is what you are in the limelight; Meditation 231
Reeve, Christopher Living in fear is not living at all. Meditation 221
Reeve, Christopher Never accept ultimatums, Meditation 211
Renard, Jules I don't know if God exists, but Meditation 83
Renard, Jules We must be greater than God, Meditation 221
Richler, Mordecai If you don't count some of Jehovah's injunctions Meditation 313
Roberts, Stephen F I contend that we are both atheists. Meditation 130
Robinson, Edwin Arlington The world is not a prison house Meditation 105
Roddenberry, Gene We must question the story logic Meditation 275
Rogers, Will If stupidity got us into Meditation 622
Rogers, Will Live your life so that Meditation 579
Roosevelt, Eleanor Those of us who believe in the right Meditation 64
Ross, Stanley Ralph Do television evangelists do more Meditation 401
Rostand, Jean Kill one man and you are a murderer Meditation 251
Rosten, Leo I never cease being dumbfounded by Meditation 635
Rubbia, Carlo Science for me is very close to art. Meditation 450
Rushdie, Salman Free speech is the whole thing, Meditation 105
Rushdie, Salman Fundamentalism isn't about religion... Meditation 75
Rushdie, Salman I do not envy people Meditation 112
Rushdie, Salman If I were asked for a one sentence Meditation 201
Rushdie, Salman It's very, very easy... Meditation 117
Rushdie, Salman The idea of the sacred... Meditation 142
Rushdie, Salman To put it as simply as possible... Meditation 83
Rushdie, Salman What is freedom of expression? Meditation 122
Russell, Bertrand According to St. Thomas, the soul Meditation 601
Russell, Bertrand Christians hold that their faith does good Meditation 275
Russell, Bertrand Ethics is in origin the art Meditation 170
Russell, Bertrand Few people can be happy unless they hate Meditation 260
Russell, Bertrand I am constantly asked Meditation 83
Russell, Bertrand I do not pretend to be able to prove Meditation 349
Russell, Bertrand I found one day in school a boy of medium size Meditation 75
Russell, Bertrand I think we ought always to entertain our Meditation 635
Russell, Bertrand I wish to propose for the reader Meditation 64
Russell, Bertrand If you think that your belief is based upon reason Meditation 471
Russell, Bertrand It is not altogether true that persuasion Meditation 484
Russell, Bertrand It is not by prayer and humility Meditation 286
Russell, Bertrand It is possible that mankind is on the threshold Meditation 231
Russell, Bertrand Man is a credulous animal Meditation 75
Russell, Bertrand Man is a credulous animal, Meditation 221
Russell, Bertrand My own view of religion is Meditation 325
Russell, Bertrand Not to be absolutely certain Meditation 526
Russell, Bertrand One occasion for the theological intervention Meditation 275
Russell, Bertrand Religion is based primarily and mainly upon fear. Meditation 260
Russell, Bertrand Remember your humanity... Meditation 64
Russell, Bertrand Science tells us what we can know Meditation 112
Russell, Bertrand Since evolution became fashionable Meditation 269
Russell, Bertrand Some advanced thinkers are of the opinion Meditation 547
Russell, Bertrand Supposing you got a crate of oranges Meditation 201
Russell, Bertrand The agnostic is not quite so certain as Meditation 622
Russell, Bertrand The Christian view that all intercourse outside Meditation 269
Russell, Bertrand The date of the creation of the world Meditation 505
Russell, Bertrand The demand for certainty is Meditation 579
Russell, Bertrand The fact that an opinion has been widely held Meditation 313
Russell, Bertrand The trouble with the world is Meditation 190
Russell, Bertrand There is something feeble... Meditation 75
Russell, Bertrand Truth is a shining goddess, Meditation 211
Russell, Bertrand We may define "faith" Meditation 83
Russell, Bertrand We must therefore ask ourselves Meditation 241
Russell, Bertrand What the world needs is not dogma Meditation 89
Russell, Bertrand You find as you look around the world that Meditation 241
Ruth, Babe Fear is the main source of superstition Meditation 547
Sade, Marquis de Anything beyond the limits and grasp of Meditation 201
Sagan, Carl At the heart of pseudoscience Meditation 190
Sagan, Carl Extraordinary claims... Meditation 83
Sagan, Carl If we long to believe that the stars Meditation 401
Sagan, Carl If you want to save your child... Meditation 152
Sagan, Carl In science it often happens that scientists say Meditation 380
Sagan, Carl It is far better to grasp the Universe Meditation 484
Sagan, Carl One of the saddest lessons Meditation 162
Sagan, Carl The evidence, so far at least Meditation 601
Sagan, Carl The suppression of uncomfortable ideas Meditation 526
Sagan, Carl The universe is neither benign nor hostile Meditation 380
Sagan, Carl When you make the finding yourself Meditation 622
Sagan, Carl Where skeptical observation and discussion Meditation 635
Salacrou, Armand The existence of a world without God Meditation 349
Sanger, Margaret No gods, no masters Meditation 313
Santayana, George Each religion, so dear to those whose life Meditation 105
Santayana, George The older I grow the more I distrust Meditation 505
Santayana, George There is no cure for life Meditation 286
Saroyan, William Good people are good because Meditation 505
Sartre, Jean-Paul Man is condemned to be free; Meditation 211
Sartre, Jean-Paul The existentialist thinks it very distressing Meditation 349
Satie, Erik Why attack God? Meditation 380
Scanlon, Russell As far as I'm concerned, fundamentalism, Meditation 130
Schiller, Frederich von Against stupidity, the Gods themselves Meditation 117
Schrader, Don To hear many religious people talk Meditation 260
Schultz, Charles Don't worry about the world coming to an end Meditation 221
Schumaker, John F Without cultural sanction, Meditation 162
Scopes, John You don't protect any of your Meditation 450
Seneca Religion is what the common people Meditation 130
Seneca the Younger Many men would have arrived at wisdom Meditation 313
Seneca, Lucius Amaeus Religion is regarded by the common people Meditation 64
Shakespeare, William The fool doth think himself wise Meditation 505
Shakespeare, William The whole problem with the world is Meditation 547
Shaw, George Bernard All great truths begin as blasphemies. Meditation 211
Shaw, George Bernard All progress depends on... Meditation 89
Shaw, George Bernard At present there is not a single credible Meditation 96
Shaw, George Bernard Beware of the man whose God Meditation 117
Shaw, George Bernard He is a barbarian and thinks Meditation 425
Shaw, George Bernard The churches must learn humility Meditation 211
Shaw, George Bernard The fact that a believer... Meditation 152
Shaw, George Bernard The savage bows down... Meditation 75
Shaw, George Bernard There is only one religion, Meditation 190
Shaw, George Bernard Why should we take advice on sex Meditation 269
Shawcross, Hartley There comes a point Meditation 152
Shelley, Percy Bysshe It is easier to suppose Meditation 83
Siegel, Bernie S. It is the experience of living that Meditation 579
Simplot, JR I got no religion in me Meditation 89
Simpson, George Gaylord It is obvious that the great majority of humans Meditation 622
Simpson, George Gaylord The opposition to teaching evolution is Meditation 635
Simpson, Homer I'm not normally a religious man, Meditation 112
Singer, Isaac B We must believe in free will. Meditation 471
Sitwell, Edit Death is nothing to us Meditation 526
Smith, Cameron M If an entirely new scientific theory with more Meditation 401
Smith, George H The third major characteristic of God Meditation 112
Smith, Margaret If I had been the Virgin Mary Meditation 251
Smith, Sidney The observances of the church concerning feasts Meditation 190
Socrates Children today are tyrants. Meditation 401
Socrates The point which I would first understand Meditation 401
Sontag, Susan The only interesting answers Meditation 162
Sophocles What you cannot enforce, Meditation 380
Sophocles Wisdom outweighs Meditation 505
Spector, Phil If you talk to God, Meditation 221
Spencer, Herbert There is a principle which is a bar to Meditation 450
Spinoza, Baruch Popular religion may be summed up Meditation 337
Spong, John Shelby A major function of fundamentalist religion Meditation 152
Spong, John Shelby The Bible has lost every major battle Meditation 231
Springsteen, Bruce Well did God make man in a breath Meditation 450
Stein, Ben Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of Meditation 547
Stein, Gertrude There ain't no answer. Meditation 401
Steinem, Gloria By the year 2000, we will, I hope, Meditation 337
Steinem, Gloria It is an incredible con job Meditation 64
Steinem, Gloria The art of acting morally Meditation 170
Stendahl All religions are founded on the fear of Meditation 201
Stephen, Leslie The truth cannot be asserted without Meditation 251
Stevenson, Adlai E A lie is an abomination unto the Lord Meditation 301
Stevenson, Adlai E If we value the pursuit of knowledge Meditation 635
Stevenson, Robert Louis There is an idea abroad among moral people Meditation 162
Stokes, Anson Phelps In addition, the New York Supreme Court Meditation 260
Stokes, Bob The world is proof Meditation 364
Sullivan, Charles If an entirely new scientific theory with more Meditation 401
Swaggart, Jimmy Evolution is a bankrupt speculative philosophy Meditation 635
Sweeney, Julia Losing my faith was the most spiritual thing Meditation 64
Swift, Jonathan We have just enough religion to make us hate, Meditation 162
Szasz, Thomas If you talk to God... Meditation 75
Szent-Gyoergi, Albert Research is to see what everybody else Meditation 484
Taft, William Howard I do not believe in the divinity of Christ, Meditation 325
Tagore, Rabindranath If you shut your door to all errors, Meditation 505
Tennyson, Alfred There lives more faith in honest doubt, Meditation 484
Theresa of Avila (Saint) From silly devotions and from sour-faced saints, Meditation 221
Thomas, Lewis The cloning of humans is on most of the lists Meditation 622
Thoreau, Henry I didn't know I had a quarrel with him. Meditation 162
Thoreau, Henry If I knew for certain that a man was coming Meditation 122
Titus Maccius Plautus No man is wise enough Meditation 526
Tolstoy, Leo Freethinkers are those who are willing to use Meditation 122
Tolstoy, Leo To regard Christ as God, and Meditation 337
Tomlin, Lily No matter how cynical you become Meditation 337
Tomlin, Lily When we talk to God, we're praying. Meditation 364
Tozer The history of mankind... Meditation 64
Treaty with Tripoli The government of the United States is Meditation 260
Trotsky, Leon Not only in peasant homes Meditation 269
Trotter, Wilfred The various systems of doctrine that have Meditation 325
Trumble, Dennis R Evidence carefully sifted can be enlisted to Meditation 364
Trumble, Dennis R The myriad approaches adopted by Meditation 364
Turgenev, Ivan Whatever a man prays for, he prays Meditation 221
Twain, Mark Adam was but human Meditation 364
Twain, Mark All gods are better than their conduct Meditation 425
Twain, Mark Always acknowledge a fault. Meditation 117
Twain, Mark Always do right. Meditation 122
Twain, Mark Faith is believing what Meditation 301
Twain, Mark Few things are harder to put up with Meditation 622
Twain, Mark God, so atrocious in the Old Testament Meditation 349
Twain, Mark God's inhumanity to man Meditation 450
Twain, Mark God's noblest work? Meditation 401
Twain, Mark I believe that our Heavenly Father invented Meditation 635
Twain, Mark I cannot see how a man of any Meditation 301
Twain, Mark I find that the further I go back, Meditation 337
Twain, Mark I have no special regard for Satan Meditation 364
Twain, Mark If I were going to construct a God Meditation 505
Twain, Mark In God We Trust. It is the choicest compliment Meditation 325
Twain, Mark In religion and in politics Meditation 526
Twain, Mark Irreverence is the champion of liberty Meditation 337
Twain, Mark It ain't the parts of the Bible Meditation 83
Twain, Mark It is best to read the weather forcast Meditation 180
Twain, Mark It is by the goodness of Meditation 579
Twain, Mark It is not best to use our morals weekdays Meditation 380
Twain, Mark Man is a Religious Animal. Meditation 180
Twain, Mark One of the proofs of the immortality Meditation 337
Twain, Mark Religion consists in a set of things Meditation 180
Twain, Mark Sometimes too much to drink Meditation 105
Twain, Mark Suppose you were an idiot Meditation 286
Twain, Mark The radical invents the views. Meditation 450
Twain, Mark The spirit of wrath Meditation 364
Twain, Mark There are many scapegoats for our sins Meditation 313
Twain, Mark There are those who scoff Meditation 325
Twain, Mark There is nothing more impressive Meditation 349
Twain, Mark To be good is noble, but Meditation 601
Twain, Mark True irreverence is disrespect for Meditation 364
Twain, Mark Under certain circumstances, profanity Meditation 275
Twain, Mark We all do no end of feeling and we mistake Meditation 484
Twain, Mark What God lacks is convictions Meditation 380
Twain, Mark When we remember that we are all Meditation 471
Tyrrell, John First prove to me, objectively Meditation 64
Tyrrell, John I enjoy life far too much to waste Meditation 122
Tyrrell, John If Christ is the answer Meditation 579
Tyrrell, John If this supposedly omniscient and perfect god Meditation 211
Tyrrell, John One person's blasphemy is another's Meditation 471
Tyrrell, John Over 10,000 religions Meditation 75
Tyrrell, John Seek only the truth; Meditation 221
Ustinov, Peter If you would be a real seeker after truth Meditation 526
Valery, Paul God made everything out of nothing Meditation 286
Vauvenargues People find happiness both in Meditation 122
Velikovsky, Immanuel Don't be afraid to face the facts Meditation 112
Venter, J Craig It's unequvocally clear that life begins Meditation 89
Vidal, Gore Once people get hung up on theology, Meditation 152
Vique A man without religion Meditation 112
Virgil Those who can make you believe absurdities Meditation 526
Vizinczey, Stephen Strange as it may seem, no amount of learning Meditation 211
Voltaire A clergyman is one who feels Meditation 130
Voltaire A witty saying proves Meditation 471
Voltaire As long as people believe in absurdities Meditation 241
Voltaire Christianity is the most ridiculous Meditation 313
Voltaire Doubt is not a pleasant condition, Meditation 152
Voltaire Every sensible man, every honest man, Meditation 325
Voltaire God created sex. Meditation 170
Voltaire God is a comedian... Meditation 112
Voltaire I have never made but one prayer to God, Meditation 380
Voltaire Judge a man by Meditation 579
Voltaire One always begins with the simple Meditation 450
Voltaire The truths of religion are never so well understood Meditation 301
Voltaire Theological religion is the source of Meditation 325
von Goethe, Johann Woe to him who would ascribe Meditation 221
von Hayek, Friedrich By the age of fifteen, I had convinced myself Meditation 112
Vonnegut, Kurt How comforting and encouraging Meditation 122
Vonnegut, Kurt Say what you will about Meditation 96
Vonnegut, Kurt We humanists behave as well we can Meditation 622
Vonnegut, Kurt What the Gospels actually said was Meditation 89
Walker, Barbara G Faith in God necessarily implies Meditation 130
Wallace, Jr. WJ Religion to me is much like the story Meditation 251
Wallace, Jr. WJ The greatest threat presented by modern religion Meditation 201
Ward, William Arthur The pessimist complains about the wind, Meditation 122
Washburn, Lemuel K A miracle is not an explanation of Meditation 601
Washburn, Lemuel K Civilization has come about... Meditation 75
Washburn, Lemuel K God cannot be put into the national Constitution Meditation 260
Washburn, Lemuel K History shows that there is nothing so easy Meditation 221
Washburn, Lemuel K If there were no ministers and no priests Meditation 201
Washburn, Lemuel K If wisdom and diamonds... Meditation 83
Washburn, Lemuel K No creed can be stretched to Meditation 180
Washburn, Lemuel K No man ever yet tore down his altar Meditation 190
Washburn, Lemuel K People who most rely on God Meditation 170
Washburn, Lemuel K The cross everywhere is a dagger Meditation 484
Washburn, Lemuel K The man who gets on his knees Meditation 130
Washburn, Lemuel K The minister must take his pious grasp Meditation 301
Washburn, Lemuel K The true man walks the earth Meditation 241
Washburn, Lemuel K The truths which God revealed have been Meditation 251
Washburn, Lemuel K We must condemn Christianity... Meditation 142
Waters, John I thank God I was raised Catholic, Meditation 190
Waters, Roger By the cold and religious Meditation 241
Watson, James D One could not be a successful scientist Meditation 471
Watson, James D Today, evolution is an accepted fact for everyone Meditation 635
Weicker, Lowell The United States is not a Christian nation. Meditation 89
Weinberg, Steven The fact that Newton and Michael Faraday Meditation 635
Wells, HG Human history becomes more and more Meditation 579
Wells, HG There is no reason whatever to believe Meditation 364
Welsh, Nick Back when I was still a recovering Catholic, Meditation 526
White, Andrew Dickson The cardinal doctrine of a fanatic's creed Meditation 142
Whitehead, Alfred North A danger sign of the lapse from true skepticism Meditation 450
Whitehead, Alfred North Ideas won't keep. Meditation 601
Whitehead, Alfred North It is the business of the future Meditation 325
Whitehead, Alfred North People make the mistake of talking about Meditation 211
Whitehead, Alfred North Religion will not regain its old power Meditation 260
Wilde, Oscar I am not young enough Meditation 579
Wilde, Oscar I sometimes think that God, in creating Meditation 601
Wilde, Oscar Religion is a fashionable substitute Meditation 117
Wilde, Oscar Science is the record of dead religions. Meditation 260
Wilde, Oscar Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, Meditation 152
Wilde, Oscar The great mystery of the world... Meditation 162
Williams, Henry A All fanaticism is a strategy Meditation 286
Wilson, A.N. We cannot hope for a society in which Meditation 251
Wilson, Colin Ridding oneself of this feeling that Meditation 505
Wright, Frank Lloyd I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. Meditation 201
Zappa, Frank America was founded by the refuse of the Meditation 96
Zappa, Frank The essence of Christianity is told to us Meditation 401
Zola, Emil I believe that the future of mankind lies in Meditation 337
Zukav, Gary Acceptance without proof is Meditation 89
20 August 2007