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Meditation 405
Remember the Truth will not set us free, that is our job.

A request unto my Brethren and Sist.. umm , Sistren? No… Greta Van Sustren? No…

By Reverend Bob

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Greetings fellow Agnostics,

I come before you, not in the carefree manner of our kind, but in the girded loin and stiff-backed, not-talking-about-the-good-way, manner of a Crusader. There comes a time in every true nonbeliever’s life when a choice must be made. Alas it has fallen upon our time to choose our fate, be it Suicide or Death, the Devil's in the details. As I am sure some are aware, we face the Unique counter development I have chosen to call the Anti-Renaissance. The Golden Age of Treason. The Inblightment of our unCivilization.

As you read this, 400 hundred years of Progress, Science, and understanding are methodically being rebuked and forgotten. Lost to us and our children. In Kansas they are replacing Darwin with the apocryphal nonsense of Creationism. The Battle of Kansas is lost, but with your help we can save the other 49 states from the Lords of the Lobotomy and their “Intelligent Design”, which is neither Smart, nor aesthetically pleasing. Feng Shui is Witchcraft to them. We need look no further than the recent disaster in New Orleans for an Orgy, not the good kind either, of Evidence to Illustrate the Illiterate Illuminati and their hold upon our World. Prayer was offered first as Defense of the City. Then for it’s Salvation and now for it’s Healing. I do not begrudge an individuals decision to engage in such foolishness. Truth being told I pray often and intensely during certain rituals I follow. i.e. Monday Night Football, All Day Sunday and at Casinos all over the NW, but I digress. In New Orleans, Prayer was not in addition to more effective means of Rescue. It was the only Official Action taken by Government on State and Federal levels. Imagine yourself breaking thru your attic ceiling, swimming to the uncertain safety of a rooftop or Arena and upon arrival hearing your leader’s advise you to make your Peace with God. Nihilistic Nepotism and Neoconservatives, the Power behind the Lemmings.

These points are only symptomatic of the problem. This Disease must not be allowed to spread itself across the Darkened Ruins of our Once pretty decent Nation. If you are in Canada… Well, you probably already know what is going on and hopefully you have already begun preparation for the inevitable time drag.

In short, I call upon all of the Clergy, missionaries and congregations of our Order to Spread the Truth of what has befallen us all. Remember the Truth will not set us free, that is our job.

Enclosed is a list of links to resources and media to help us in our great task.

Until that time as we have freed ourselves, our countrymen, our countrywomen, and our Nation, I shall sacrifice my Name in the Name of the Game that comes next.

I stand before you as Reverend X

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