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Crop Circles

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Colin Andrews, considered (by himself anway,) the world's leading expert on crop circles has decided he can no afford to continue his research which he has been undertaking since 1983. He is now selling everything including photography, copyrights, databases, video, graphics, and field notes.

He tried to sell it on eBay with a minimum bid of $250,000 and found no takers. It is now on offer on his website [1] for $500,000. You can't say he is not an optimist.

As it says on the site:

Andrews states that after 2 decades of intensive investigation and having witnessed some powerful experiences himself: "I am sure this is one of the most profound phenomenon of our time and I share the view held by some of the worlds nature loving people, like the Hopi Indians, that "Mother Earth" is crying and is in serious difficulty. She requires massive and urgent assistance of all "Brothers" in all places. Universal energy interactions may be at work and the interface between two dimensions register spectacular patters of great meaning and such depth as man can yet imagine."

Be aware that this collection also contains documented evidence suggesting paranormal activity, high strangeness, or "fringe" activity. Among the items, you will find 20+ years of research projects and results, some never before disclosed. These cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Magnetometer Surveys
  • Plasma Balls
  • Brainwave experiments
  • Altered mind states and the healing effects of crop circles on the human consciousnes

This came as a surprise to me. I was under the impression that crop circles had been exposed as a hoax years ago when two men identified themselves as creators of most of England's crop circles, and demonstrated on TV how easy they were to create. Like everything else, instructions for creating a basic crop circle can be found on the web. Any person who has taken a first year university surveying course should be capable of moving on to the more complex designs. And yet just as people continue believe in the Sasquatch even though much of the evidence there has been exposed as hoaxes, so it is with crop circles.

If those circles known to be hoaxes are indistiguishable from those whose provenance is uncertain, is there any reason to think that space aliens or the supernatural are involved? The logical assumption is that all are human made.


  1. Website apparently no longer owned by Colin Andrews and taken over as a blog by other crop circle believers.