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Meditation 428
Is there a goldfish god?

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There was a strange article in today's paper.[1] It was reported from England that a one pound goldfish, 10 inches long had fallen down a chimney and landed in a lit fire. However, there was a pile of potato peelings which had been thrown on the fire which cushioned the fish's fall, and it flipped out of the fire onto the hearth. It was promptly spotted by the resident who picked up the fish and put it in a washbasin of water.

But how did the fish get in the chimney? Wildlife experts surmise it must have been caught by a heron, which then flipped the fish in the air to reorient it to go down it's gullet, and then failed to catch it which allowed it to go down the chimney.

This fish was saved from certain death in so many ways in a few brief seconds. For example:

However you look at it, the survival of this gold fish was highly improbable.

What is truly remarkable is that the word "miracle" was not used once in the article. Strange isn't it! We see the God's intervention credited so often when a human is involved who did not go through a fraction of what the goldfish went through.

Perhaps there is a goldfish god to whom the lucky survivor prayed heavily in those few frightening moments. Perhaps it was a goldfish miracle.

Or more likely, it is an example how the most unlikely sequence of events can occur through the random vagaries of chance.


  1. Goldfish survives flames... National Post, Saturday, December 31 2005, p. A10