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Bloody Mary: The Sacramento Virgin Mary supposedly crying tears of blood.Meditation 429
Tears of Blood Hoax

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While I was travelling at the end of November, there was a report on the television news (NBC, Salt Lake City) about a statue of the Virgin Mary at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church in Sacramento California which was apparently crying tears of blood.

Of course, the statue attracted crowds of fervent believers acclaiming this to be a miracle. It was a sign from God, though there was no agreement on what this particular sign meant.

The news announcer stated that the parish priest had sent a sample for analysis to a laboratory for testing. He closed with a promise that he would get back to us once the lab results were available.

It's over a month now, and to the best of my knowledge, no-one has gotten back to us.

Doing a web search, I can find a large number of articles relating to this statue, and the parish priest's promise of lab tests.

However reports of the results of this test are nowhere to be found.

In the absence of anyone else doing so, I am hereby declaring this particular miracle to be a hoax, a fraud upon the gullibility of believers.

If you feel that is an incorrect assessment, you are requested to provide me with verifiable evidence to the contrary. I'll publish it. If it's convincing evidence. I'll admit my error.

News organizations, which claim to pride themselves on their objectivity, are only too ready to spread the word of the latest "miracle," but they lack the courage to admit "we were had" and the general public is left with the impression that the initial report was correct.