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Meditation 433
The Offensive Face of Islam

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Look at the places where Islamic radicalism has taken root. They are all characterized by the oppression of women. Muslim women know very well the problems of Muslim culture. They are at the sharp end of it. Salman Rushdie

These are news items I have read in the first week of 2006:

When this type of article makes the news in the western world, there is always a Muslim who writes into the paper stating authoritatively that "This is not Islam. This is contrary to the teachings of the Prophet. etc. etc. blah blah blah." But for the vast majority of Muslims in the world, this is Islam. This does represent the teachings of the Prophet. And their Imams, their Sheikhs, and their Ayatollahs remind them of it every day of their lives.

If the Muslims who live in the west think this is wrong and contrary to the Qu'ran, then it is long overdue they started communicating it to the Muslim world. Telling their fellow Westerners it is contrary to Islam is useless, because we have the liberty to read what really is going on.