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Meditation 473
The Unpardonable Sin

An Agnostic Classic

by: Robert Green Ingersoll

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Redden your hands with human blood;
blast by slander the fair fame of the innocent;
strangle the smiling child upon its mother’s knees;
deceive, ruin and desert the beautiful girl who loves and trusts you,
and your case is not hopeless.
For all this, and for all these, you may be forgiven.
For all this, and for all these, that bankrupt court established by the gospel,
will give you a discharge;

but deny the existence of these divine ghosts, of these gods,
and the sweet and tearful face of Mercy becomes livid with eternal hate.
Heaven’s golden gates are shut,
and you, with an infinite curse ringing in your ears,
with the brand of infamy upon your brow,
commence your endless wanderings in the lurid gloom of hell
an immortal vagrant, an eternal outcast, a deathless convict.