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Meditation 487
Quotations Concerning Agnosticism

[Quotations selected by Edward T. Babinski from a never to be published manuscript, THE DAMNED SAY THE DAMNEDEST THINGS]

by: Ed Babinski

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If you recall, you published an email of mine at your site months back. Thanks!

Do you know J. P. Holding of Tektonics apologetics? I recall reading something he wrote on the web to the effect that he "didn't know, and didn't care" how old the earth was. Someone should point out to him he's become an agnostic on that subject.

Anyway, I was reading the book, DAILY AFFLICATIONS (an intellectually stirring agnostic parody of DAILY AFFIRMATIONS), when I thought of you and your website, and also recalled that I had collected a number of quotations concerning agnosticism that I ought to share with you.


Edward T. Babinski

I also sometimes frequent the blog, "Debunking Christianity" (easy to remember and easy to find via a google search) that has a number of apostate bloggers.

Babinski's Agnostic Quotations