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Meditation 490
God and Gasoline

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I took a look at the Pray Live website[1] this morning (7 May 2006) to see if they were claiming any success in their attempt to lower gasoline prices (see Meditation 489.). However, they are still advertising the prayer meeting, even though it was 10 days ago.

But the story demonstrates, at least to me, the illogic of some believers.

The founder of Pray Live stated that the purpose was to "remind everyone who is really in charge of our world -- God."

So, if God is in charge of the world, it would seem the current high gasoline prices must have His blessing. After all, He is in charge.

To ask God to bring about lower prices is telling God that He's wrong -- that He has not properly thought out the implications of high prices.

Will gasoline prices fall in the future? Probably.

Will gasoline prices rise in the future? Probably.

Those changes will occur, as they have in the past, for economic and political reasons, not religious reasons. Prayer will have nothing to do with it.


  1. The link takes you to the current web site which, of course, does not take you to their 2006 prayer for lower gas prices. The relevent page at the time is archived here.