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Discussion 1 to Meditation 516
On Fanatics

by Maarten van den Driest

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The most frightening thing about fanatics is that they know with certainty that they are right.

Let me paint you the fundamentalist picture:

Given the set of assumptions above, it is clear that human morality doesn't mean anything. Coupled to that is the view that God gave us the Bible as a simple, easy to understand message. Why would the all-eloquent God obfuscate His words, after all? No interpretation at all is needed.

Try, if only for a moment, to immerse yourself in this mind-set. Try. I think you can easily understand Phelps and all his fell offspring quite easily this way.

Fundamentalists can be revolting, bitter, dishonest, cruel or any of a lot of other things, but they can be understood. I whole-heartedly support the thought at the end of Meditation 518 where the author calls for 'inoculations' of our children through the educational system.

One of the problems is that fundies can quite easily set up their own schools. Another problem is how you precisely pull this inoculation off. What do we do? Teach kids elementary logic? Loads of fully grown adults are converted to one branch of fundamentalism or another each year. I am uncertain this problem will ever leave us.