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Discussion 1 to Meditation 537
The result of the parts of our brains working together?

by: Pastor Linck

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I feel incredibly simple wanting to ask this question, but I can't help myself.  Why can't "consciousness" simply be the result of all of the different parts of our brain working together?  Does it really need to have an extensive or supernatural cause? 

All of the "symptoms" of consciousness, identified by Mr. Rodolfo Llinas and so named by the author of Meditation 537, seem to be everyday brain functions attributable to specific areas of the brain.  The quote concerning consciousness to be a property of matter seems absurd to me, though I can offer nothing to disprove it.  As for Mr. van den Driest, my initial question would apply. 

I believe consciousness to be the result of the combined input/output from the different areas of our brains.  And, finally, I have trouble relating consciousness with the concept of a soul.  The workings of our brains are observable chemical reactions, where the soul is a metaphysical concept and would be extremely difficult if not impossible to observe, since we don't even know what it is we are looking for. 

Anyway, in summary, consciousness is the combined output of all the different sections of our brains, completely independent of the proposed existence of a soul.