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Meditation 546
Two Ways to Go

by: Watson Heston

The following is excerpted from The Freethinkers Pictorial Text-Book (1890)[1] with cartoons by Watson Heston supported by quotations from various Freethought scholars. This item is from the chapter on Children and the Church.

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Ignorance is a disease and a deadly and dangerous disease. There are few things in the world more dangerous than an ignorant man. – Ernest Jones

Ignorance is not bliss – Dr. McGlynn

Let pure modern morals be taught in the schools instead of biblical instruction. Teach children that morality is wholly independent of theology, and its claims are enforced, not by Sinai, but by usefulness. – Robert C. Adams

Suppose that all the money wasted in cathedrals in the Middle Ages had been used for the construction of school-houses, academies, and universities, how much better the world would have been! Suppose that instead of supporting hundreds of thousands of idle priests, the money had been given to men of science for the purpose of finding out something of benefit to the human race in this world.. – Ingersoll

We should have Freethought colleges and Secular missions and even isolated Liberals might do better than “drift with the stream.” They might let their children pass their Sundays in the freedom of the forests and mountains to worship the God of Nature in his own temple. – Prof. Felix L. Oswald

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  1. Full title: The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Text-Rook: Showing the Absurdity and Untruthfulness of the Church's Claim to be a Divine and Beneficent Institution and Revealing the Abuses of a Union of Church and State with Copious Citations of Fact, History, Statistics, and Opinions of Scholars to Maintain the Argument of the Artist.