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Meditation 625
Gone soft on Scientology?

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It is possible that the previous two Meditations might suggest that I have gone soft on Scientology. I have not. While I consider Scientology should have the right to operate like any other religion, I regard Scientology as complete nonsense.

I think that L. Ron Hubbard invented Scientology as a joke, but that it turned out to be so profitable that he continued it as a scam for the rest of his life. Perhaps the scam was intended from the start. I would suggest that he never came to believe what he was preaching.

Probably most of his inner circle were aware that Scientology was a scam but as more than twenty years have passed since Hubbard's death, it is quite possible that the majority, if not all, of the current upper hierarchy are actually true believers.

Regardless of what the leadership of Scientology actually believe, the followers do believe. They do so in spite of the wealth of information about Scientology being easily available on numerous web sites. As with any religion, inconvenient opposing views are ignored.

People want answers. Scientology claims to provide at least some of those answers. So do other religions. In common with other religions, Scientology's answers are baseless.