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Meditation 742
The score is 100-0: What would Jesus do?

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Taking up almost as much newspaper space in the past week as the Pope and Bishop Williamson was the 100-0 drubbing in girl's high school basketball delivered by the Covenant Lady Knights to the Dallas Academy Bulldogs.

If Covenant were not a "Christian" school with the prime goal of its athletic program stated as "To enable Covenant student/athletes, coaches, and spectators to glorify God and be witnesses for Jesus Christ," this game would have little interest outside of Dallas. But various Christians have turned it in to a major moral issue.

The Covenant school principal, Kyle Queal, subsequently forfeited the game stating "It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition."

The coach, Micah Grimes, disagreed. "I do not wish to forfeit the game. What kind of example does it set for our children? Do we really want to punish Covenant School girls? Does forfeiting really help Dallas Academy girls?" and also "We honor God, ourselves and our families when we step on the court to compete." And he was fired after his failure to agree with the principal on forfeiting the game.

Bob Bumpas of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, when asked for an opinion, stated "As Christians and obeying what God's word says in the Bible, we are supposed to do the best we can in any endeavor in life. So I would think in sports we should do the best we can and perform our best for the Lord. You are supposed to compete and compete to your very best until the end of the game."

And a web search (keywords of Covenant and 100-0 should suffice) will turn up endless Christian arguments for both viewpoints, all using God's word to support their views.

The fact is that God has no answers on this issue - or, through selective reinterpretation of bible passages, too many answers.

What would Jesus do? Let's face it. If the historical Jesus actually existed, he would be horrified at the thought of teenage girls running around in front of spectators in shorts and singlets. Women kept "properly" covered up in his day. Jesus can't provide a definitive answer here any more than can God or the Holy Ghost.

We get told repetitively by believers that God is the source of all morality. Yet, if we look at the moral issue involved here, an issue that is considered by those involved so important that a man lost his job over it, we see that these Christians cannot agree even by referring to God what is right or wrong. There's nothing in the Ten Commandments to help them, nor in the whole of Leviticus. For some obscure reason, the words basketball and blowout do not appear anywhere in the Bible.

If God cannot clearly establish right or wrong in this piddling case, how can He possibly be seen as the source of morality?