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Meditation 750
OK, I'm confused

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In the last meditation, I wrote in discussing the cost of Scientology that they claim "you are getting invaluable immortality out of the process." Now that's not quite right. What the item actually says is "a parishioner moves on to more advanced levels on which he is literally seeking immortality, which is priceless. " So, apparently, for your money you only get to look for immortality, not necessarily achieve it.

But wait a minute. Let's go back to their definition of a thetan.

...man is held to consist of three parts—thetan, mind and body. The thetan is the spiritual being. The thetan is the individual. One is a thetan who has a mind and who occupies a body.

...man is an immortal spiritual being whose experience extends well beyond a single lifetime...

By that element of their theology, we all are immortal regardless of whether we believe in Scientology. You don't have to pay to seek immortality - you are immortal.

And obviously, if a person's experience extends beyond a single lifetime, scientologists believe in reincarnation.

Uh no. Because according to them, (Does Scientology believe in reincarnation or past lives?) - "Reincarnation is a definite system that is not part of Scientology." But, on the very same page "Past lives is not a dogma in Scientology, but generally Scientologists, during their auditing, experience a past life and then know for themselves that they have lived before."

It looks to me going through that article as they redefine reincarnation to mean exactly what most people think reincarnation means, it's just word play to baffle the suckers.

Now the point of auditing, getting clear, and becoming an operating thetan (processes which require sizable "donations") is getting rid of the ill effects of past lives so you can better deal with the current life. If you buy into the overall concept, I suppose it might make sense, but should not the supposed positive effects carry on into the next life? By now, enough Scientologists have died that a steady flow of them, including the founder, should be returning with full benefit of being cleared in their immediate past lives. They should not need to start over. Just continue their existence as operating thetans, but in a new body. It should be just like the South Park "Trapped in the Closet" episode where Stan is identified as L. Ron Hubbard " reincarnated, and immediately put in charge.

And as yet, there have apparently been no claims of anyone walking into one of the Scientology offices "precleared."

What I get from reading Scientology's own web pages is that,

I'm confused.

Perhaps a Scientologist will respond and attempt to eliminate the confusion. (Any such answers will be published.)

Until then I will have to try to find my own way to clarity. I'll look deeply into myself for a moment (auditing myself, you might say)... Still looking deeply... Ahhh, one word springs to mind...


The confusion lifts. I'm agnostically clear.