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Discussion 1 to Meditation 815
Still Rotting behind the facade

by: JT

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On Christmas Eve, two more Irish Bishops resigned over the Dublin abuse scandal. They, like the previous two, were auxilliary Bishops in the Dublin diocese.

And like the previous ones, they resigned in response to public pressure. In fact, it was noted that the Pope was probably not going to be accepting their resignations until mid-January. So, their resignations are certainly not the result of the Vatican actually initiating any action in this crisis.

Meanwhile, the Pope got attacked on Christmas Eve.

I always worry when some religion-based attack occurs that the attacker is a fellow non-believer. Of course, it wasn't - it almost never is. It's quite clear, though her religion has never been mentioned, that the woman is a Catholic. If she was not, you can be sure that it would have been proclaimed loudly by the Vatican. As she is Catholic, it is more important for them to emphasize that she is disturbed. Once again, the focus is on image.

Now the Vatican security service has commented that it is impossible to protect the Pope fully. That's an understandable "excuse." Let's face it, a couple even managed to crash a White House state dinner, and there are for more resources devoted to the US President's safety than there are for the Pope's. But still, it is a disingenuous excuse.

This same woman attempted a similar attack exactly a year ago. Surely Vatican (together with Italian) security has the ability to track known threats and make sure they don't show up when the Pope appears in public.

But that's not all - she was wearing the exact same bright red hoodie that she wore in her previous attempt. And still, security did not pick her out.

Vatican security seems to be just another facade with rot beneath the surface.