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Meditation 828
God loves agnostics

by: JT

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I don't remember Billy Graham ever mentioning agnostics in a column, but on Sunday he did.[1]

The letter to him read:

Q. My cousin always claimed to be an agnostic - a person who does not know if God is real. Last month, he had a heart attack, and although he's getting better, I know he could have died. Do you think God is giving him a second chance?

No surprise in Dr. Graham's answer:

A. Yes, I believe God is giving him a second chance...

Well, no wonder prayer is not helping believers survive heart attacks; God is too busy keeping agnostics alive just on the off chance we might change our minds.

It's kind of a reverse Pascal's wager - the benefit comes from not believing. If there isn't a God, agnosticism has not hurt us. And if there is a God, then he'll keeping us alive for a second chance.


  1. Sick agnostic can still turn his life over to Jesus, Billy Graham, The Calgary Sun, Sunday, January 31, 2010