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Meditation 838
The Power of God shows up?
An open letter to Dunnville Word of Faith

by: JT

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Dear Pastor:

On a recent visit to the Niagara Peninsula, I noticed an advertisement for your church in the Dunnville paper. The wording grabbed my attention, and I brought it home with me to ponder upon the message. It had me a bit confused because it seemed inconsistent with my understanding of your religion.

The advertisement stated "Eagle Worldwide Ministries and the power of God are showing up at the Dunnville Word of Faith Fellowship." The issue which bothered me is not the visit from Eagle Worldwide Ministries, but the idea that they were somehow bringing the power of God with them.

Now, I'm just a simple non-believer and perhaps the finer points of Christian doctrine are beyond my grasp. But I have to ask: Isn't your God omnipresent and omnipotent? And does that not mean that your God with all His powers is present in your church (and everywhere else for that matter) 24 hours a day? How can the power of God "show up" when it supposedly is already there?

Is not the power of God without limit? So even if more of God's power arrived with Eagle Worldwide, adding something to a limitless resource means the same limitless amount is still there. It's equivalent to adding something to infinity in mathematics. The result is still infinity.

Perhaps I am reading too much into the words of your advertisement. Maybe, the ad was just promising that Eagle Worldwide Ministries would somehow demonstrate the power of God on the dates in question. But how could you make such a promise? Who is in charge of when your God chooses to demonstrate his powers? My admittedly weak understanding of Christianity is that God decides when and where to exercise his powers, yet I see someone has made a specific commitment on his behalf.

It is almost as if Eagle Worldwide carries God around in a vest pocket, then produces him on command like a sock puppet to entertain the congregation. The advertisement seems to me to suggest that the relationship between your God and the ministry has been reversed.

But then, what do I know about theology? I am just a simple non-believer; an agnostic.

Should you care to respond to this open letter and answer my questions, your reply will be published on this web site.


Best wishes


John Tyrrell