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Meditation 863
And not a moment too soon...

by: JT

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The Catholic sex abuse scandals first hit the public consciousness in the mid-1980s with the conviction of a Louisiana priest, Gilbert Gauthe, for 11 counts of molestation of boys, and the exposure of Mount Cashel school scandal in Newfoundland.

We are now talking of a quarter century of increasing reports of abuse by Catholic priests and members of monastic orders, and a quarter century of increasing reports of cover-ups by Catholic dioceses around the world.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict convened the third consistory (a meeting of his cardinals) of his papacy. And it was announced that they would, among other issues, be working on "guidelines to offer for a coordinated and efficient programme" against abuse.

After 25 years, they are finally working on guidelines? Maybe they'll have them in place by 2035. Not a moment too soon.