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Meditation 867
That special Puritan Christmas Spirit

by: JT

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There are those who lament what the holiday season has become, who oppose the revelry, the joy, the family meal, the gifts, the generous libations. To those individuals we offer a 17th Century thought on the true meaning of the season.

The old Heathen’s Feasting Day, in honour to Saturn their Idol-God, the Papist’s Massing Day, the Profane Man’s Ranting Day, the Superstitious Man’s Idol Day, the Multitude’s Idle Day, Satan’s—that Adversary’s—Working Day, the True Christian Man’s Fasting Day…

We are persuaded, no one thing more hindereth the Gospel work all the year long, than doth the observation of that Idol Day once in a year, having so many days of cursed observation with it.

Hezekiah Woodward

To everyone who is not a Puritan - enjoy the day.