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Meditation 913
On the act of terrorism in Norway

by: JT

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A week ago, in a response to the mass murder in Norway, I thoughtlessly posted an article blaming Islamic terrorism. When I found out the facts, I quickly removed the article and it was only online for a few hours. However, I regret I posted the item at all. It was a personal error in judgement.

As we all now know, the terrorist was not a Muslim, but a right-wing Christian. But should we regard his acts at political terrorism, or Christian terrorism.

Now, following quite a few of the discussions about the murderer, I have noted a lot of denial by Christians* about the individual. For example:

Nonsense! These arguments are equivalent to those put forward by Muslims in denial after 9/11. But they failed to make the case that the 9/11 terrorists clearly regarded themselves as Muslims, just as the Norwegian terrorist clearly regards himself as Christian.

Still, a terrorist act performed by a Christian does not in itself mean it is an act of Christian terrorism any more than a terrorist act performed by a Muslim means it is an act of Islamic terrorism.

Arguably, last week's events in Norway were acts of political terrorism. But the same case could be made for most acts of terrorism - they nearly all have political aims.

But - the reason we regard much of the political terrorism by Muslims as Islamic terrorism is because, for the terrorists, their religion and their politics are inseparable. I'm not saying that is the case for all Muslims; but it is a fair generalization for those who espouse and who support terrorism.

Now - if we consider the Norwegian terrorist (I'm making a point of not mentioning him by name, by the way,) we can see that in common with far too many extreme right wing Christians, his religion and his politics are inextricably entwined. There is no splitting them apart. His political agenda is his religious agenda.

Conclusion: It was indeed Christian terrorism in Norway last week.



* For another take on Christians accusing other Christians of not being Christian, see Ed Babinski's blog entry of 28 July: Are You a "True Christian?" *registered trademark*.