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JP2 statue headMeditation 922
The Symbolism of John Paul II's New Statue

by: JT

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A new statue of the late Pope John Paul II recently erected at the main train station in Rome has created controversy.

JP2 statue

There are those that claim the statue of the Pope bears too much resemblance to Benito Mussolini. That's ridiculous. After all, one was an autocrat who spent his years in power centralizing authority into his own hands. And the other... was a fascist dictator.

When we look at the full statue, we can see just how appropriate it is for the late Pope and the church he ruled.

We see a statue with a head, and no heart.

We see a body which looks solid when viewed from the back and sides, but when looked at from the front, it is nothing more than an empty shell.

Yes, the sculptor captured John Paul II and his church perfectly. Long may the statue stand.