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Meditation 926
Christ kept out of 9/11

by: JT

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Fundamentalist and evangelical Christians are burning up the blogosphere because the supposedly Muslim President Obama didn't give their clergy a role in the 10th anniversary 9/11 memorial ceremony.

Actually, the Christian President Obama did not organize the ceremony, it was New York's Mayor Bloomberg. His spokesperson stated: "The ceremony was designed in coordination with 9/11 families with a mixture of readings that are spiritual, historical and personal in nature... we would like to keep the focus of our commemoration ceremony on the family members of those who died."

On the other hand, a representative of the Southern Baptist Church, Richard Land stated: "This is a shameful example of anti-religious bigotry."

Doesn't this remind you of the issue raised in Meditation 924, which discussed a lawsuit demanding Christian prayer in all veterans' funerals, regardless of the religious preferences of the deceased and their families? It's really more of the same here - a demand to be heard regardless of the wishes of the families of the victims.

No respect for the dead. No respect for their families. That's what this complaint from the Christian right demonstrates.

The ceremony was meant to unite and represent all beliefs and disbeliefs. Turning it over to religious clergy would have been divisive and unrepresentative.


For a somewhat less strident view on this issue, see this article on the Freedon From Religion Foundation website.