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Meditation 937
This protection does not protect religion, it insults religion

by: God

In light of the fire bombing of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, for publishing an issue edited by Mohammed, we have decided to bypass the middle men and go to the top. This November 4, 2011 Apathetic Agnostic update is edited by God, who has also written much of this week's editorial material.

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The Senate of the State of Michigan has passed an anti-bullying bill, something which should be good news. But, they provided an escape clause - bullies are allowed to provide a religious or moral reason for their bullying.

Isn't that just wonderful! You are not allowed to bully a gay person - unless your religion preaches being gay is wrong. You are not allowed to bully a black person - unless your religion (like Christian Identity) preaches blacks are inferior. You are not allowed to bully a non-believer - unless your religion preaches disbelief is wrong.

And if a fundamentalist believes the Pope is the woman in scarlet, they can bully Catholics. And of course, Catholics can bully Baptists for rejecting the authority of the Pope. Trinitarian Pentecostals can bully non-trinitarian Pentecostals Religion against religion. Denomination against denomination. Sect against sect. Cult against cult.

And the Michigan Senate wants to make it legal in Michigan.

No religion needs this protection to bully. No follower of any religion needs protection to bully.

Protection from bullying - now that would be good - but without any escape clauses, thank you.

As it stands, this legislation is an insult to all religions by suggesting they need this protection. Any religion that needs such protection does not deserve it. Such a religion is not following a just and merciful God.