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Meditation 943
Scientology: Just another boiler room operation

by: JT

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Given the nature of religion, I have not objected to Scientology's claim to be just another religion. After all, like so many other religions, it is just another set of ridiculous beliefs based on a work of fiction.

I've changed my mind. In my view, Scientology is not a religion; it is just another boiler room operation obsessed with raising money. Its reported ruthless fundraising techniques put Christian televangelists to shame.

Why have I changed my mind?

A new series of articles this month in the St. Petersburg Times / tampabay.com and written by Thomas C Tobin and Joe Childs (who won press awards for their previous investigations into Scientology) examines Scientology's fundraising methods and has exposed the organization for what it is.

Here are a selection of some of the articles in the current expose:

There are more articles in the series than this selection, just check the tampabay.com website if you want more.

Of course there is another side of the story - Scientology's. This is their response:

Check it out. Make your own decision. I'll go with the investigative reporting.



As usual when I mention Scientology, I invite the representatives of the organization to respond and the response will be published.