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Meditation 950
Submitting to the Pope

by: JT

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Pope Benedict XVI started off the new year by formally establishing an ordinariate in the US for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church. This is intended to provide a home for those American Anglicans who reject the direction their Church has been taking towards greater acceptance of women and of homosexuals as ordained clergy.

There's a kicker, of course. Anyone making the switch will have to submit to the authority of the Pope. As Anglicans, they were required to submit to the authority of no single individual. As Catholics, one individual is the supreme authority. So, in switching, they are not just buying into the Pope's current opposition to homosexual clergy, to female clergy, and his opposition to Church members engaging in homosexual practices; they are also buying into the whole Papal package of beliefs, including nonsense such as Papal infallibility, the Immaculate Conception, and transubstantiation of wafers and wine as literal rather than symbolic. They have to buy into no more birth control and no more abortion, even to save a life. Etc. etc.

Are all these things worth switching denominations for just for the sake of being narrow minded on one issue? And yet, if the current Pope or a future Pope changes his mind on that very issue, then those who switched will be required to change their minds along with him. They will have freely submitted to his authority.

But as the Pope has provided a simple path for Anglicans to easily submit the his authority, I thought it would be quite appropriate to provide an even easier path for Catholics to remove themselves from the Pope's authority, and do so without submitting to another authority. I invite Catholics who wish to take advantage of this offer to visit the next page.