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Meditation 968
Just some silly campfire tales

by: JT

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Here we are, almost one third of the way through 2012 and we hear from Jack D. Hook (Talk Back 106) warning us not to believe in a Mayan apocalypse, but suggesting on the other hand that the signs are that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled and God might just have something planned. But Jack is careful not to get specific, saying "don’t misread or twist my words thinking that I am date-setting." Of course, that way he can keep repeating the same tale endlessly on into the future without being proven wrong.

This is quite different from Ronald Weinland, who I wrote about earlier,* who has Jesus returning specifically on May 27, only a month away.

At this point, it seems that perhaps Weinland should be realizing his prophecy is collapsing around him. It's getting kind of late in the day for the necessary war between the European Union and China to take place in Jerusalem. Is Ronald hedging his bets yet?

In his last blog entry (Feb 10, 2012) Weinland wrote:

Although we (Church of God – PKG) hold fast to the conviction that Jesus Christ is returning as King of kings on May 27th of this year, it is understood that others fully disbelieve that such is possible in only a short time.

But then a little doubt creeps in:

Even if we were wrong, the “signs” are all around that this world is changing rapidly for the worse, shifting quickly before our very eyes, and that very troublous times are right in front of us.

And Weinland has not updated his blog since then. Perhaps he is en route to Jerusalem where his prophecy has him being killed in the streets then raised bodily into heaven 3 1/2 days later. Or perhaps he is preparing his excuses for publication in a 28 May blog update.

Weinland is far from the weirdest of those who see things happening this year. Perhaps the strangest is the Galactic Federation of Light. They are apparently of the deluded opinion that they are spiritually enlightened aliens planted here on Earth to prepare us for the imminent takeover of earth by a "new leadership of men and women of the highest integrity" (advised, of course, by spiritually enlightened aliens) and "the large-scale mass arrests all over the world of many men and women who you have come to know as our world's political and financial leaders."

Weinland's prophecy has Jesus coming to run the world; the Galactic Federation of Light has aliens coming to run the world. Same silly story, just the names are changed.

Weinland's prophecies are not going to happen. The Galactic Federation of Light's prophecies are not going to happen. Nor are Jack D. Hooks'. They are all just telling silly campfire tales. Don't lose any sleep in 2012 over any of these spooky tales.

Why would anyone believe any of them?**


* Discussion 1 to Meditation 801; Meditation 820

** Perhaps A Miscellany 360 explains it.