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Meditation 972
Proof of God: No excuse for it.

by: JT

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In updating the event notices this week, one event I chose not to list was the Proof of God Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida. I think their logo for the conference says all you need to know about this operation.

Prrof of God - We are without excuse

Indeed they are without excuse. There is no excuse for a conference promoting ignorance.

It is claimed on their conference website that you can: Discover how you can prove to anyone that God exists!* Now, that is false advertising. Given that most, if not all, of the speakers are dyed-in-the-wool creationists who refuse to accept the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution, evidence that is far more powerful than the claims they put forward for their particular version of a deity, it is clear that regardless of how solid a proof is, there will always be those that reject it. Even if they had a real convincing proof for God, any god at all, there would be those who rejected it.

If anyone happens to be in the Orlando area in October, 2012 can witness the proof for a mere $49 - and this includes a Chick-fil-A lunch (which is apparently one of the selling points for the conference.)

If you can do without that lunch, you can get for free what I suspect is the proof they are promoting at proofthatgodexists.org. (Sye Ten Bruggencate, one of the speakers developed it.) If you go through this so-called proof, you will find the whole argument is based on false dichotomies, slippery imprecise definitions, arbitrary rejection of opposing views and a finishing touch of a nonsensical unjustified leap to a conclusion that only a specifically Christian god satisfies the argument.

Really, it is a pathetic attempt at a proof. And there is no excuse whatsoever.

Prrof of God - We are without excuse


* I have not done a challenge for a while. Here's a new challenge: I will pay anyone $105 (twice the price of the Proof of God conference plus $7 towards another delicious Chick-fil-A lunch) to the first person who can prove to me that God exists. And by prove to me, I mean actually convince me - not simply present me with some nonsense such as Bruggencate's non-proof.