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Meditation 1000
No - not soon - not even eventually.

by: JT

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Driving north on I-15 from St. George, Utah to the Hurricane turnoff on my way to Zion National Park in late September, I came up behind an 18-wheeler bearing an apocalyptic message across its rear doors.

Jesus is coming soon

(Reproduction from memory -
I don't take photographs while driving at 75 mph*)

I don't know whether this was an independent carrier spreading a message to the world, or perhaps a travelling tent revival ministry. But what I did notice was that the painted message was old and fading, the paint cracked and peeling. This wasn't a paint job for one of the several prophesied 2012 apocalypses, rather it was probably painted in the late '90s to forecast the failed apocalypse of 2000. It was a failed prediction then, and continues to be a failed prediction.

And the underlying message itself, nearly 2000 years old, originally expected to be fulfilled about 1900 years ago, represents almost two millennia of failed prophecy. It was not fullfilled then. It was not fulfilled on any of the forecast dates since then, and it will not be fulfilled in the time that this particular 18-wheeler continues to carry its prophetic message along the highways of the USA. The message is old and fading. Its meaning is not just cracked - it is thoroughly broken.


* Especially when the camera is securely zipped up in a case on the rear seat.

JT at Observation Point

JT at Observation Point in Zion National Park