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Meditation 979
Moral Degenerates in the Vatican

by: JT

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Once again this week the hierarchy of the Catholic Church seemed dedicated to proving their unfitness to provide moral guidance to anyone.

A thoroughly clueless Pope Benedict told Irish Catholics on Sunday it is a mystery why priests and other church officials abused children entrusted in their care. That was followed up on Monday when his corrupt number two man in the Vatican, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone blamed the media and the devil for the scandal about leaked Vatican documents.

Let's explain things to these two moral degenerates - and they must indeed be morally degenerate to even have made such statements absolving themselves of responsibility.

The child abuse scandal came about because of generations of covering up abuse. Abusers were not punished. They were allowed to continue with their evil practices. The worst that could happen was that an abuser might be transferred to be in charge of a new batch of unsuspecting innocents. What could have been stopped when an abuser was initially reported was permitted to flourish.

And the current Pope was part of the cover-up as an archbishop when a known abuser was transferred to his diocese, and as again as a Cardinal under the previous Pope orchestrating the cover-up worldwide. It should not be a mystery to him - he has been a part of the problem. And as head of the Catholic Church, he continues to be the major element of the problem as he refuses to clean his house of those involved in covering up abuse. This is not a mystery - it is a profound failure of moral leadership by one who claims a god-given right to demand morality of others.

As for Cardinal Bertone complaining about the devil being responsible for the scandal of leaked Vatican documents - perhaps he does not realize it, but he is crediting the devil with being on the side of all that is good. He's making the devil responsible for lifting the lid on the corruption and nepotism going on in the Vatican under Bertone's watch. Like child abuse in the church worldwide, corruption and nepotism in the Vatican administration continues for generation after generation because leadership covers it up rather than addressing it.

The scandal is not the leaked documents. The scandal is the contents of those documents - and that's Bertone's responsibility. And Pope Benedict's for continuing to stand by him.

Two moral degenerates blaming others for their own moral failings.