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Meditation 995
Logic and Reasoning Banned

by: JT

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There's an Islamic group on Facebook called ATHEISM DEBUNKED BY MUSLIMEEN. For some reason, a lot of Muslims on Facebook have an interest in "debunking" atheism and this particular group is one among several.

The group is not of much interest except for its rules, specifically Rule 4 (and breaking the rules leads to termination):*

4. Members are requested not to involve in debates based on pure logic and reasoning because it could lead to disbelief (kufr), disobedience and loss of submission to Allah and His Commands. However established scientific facts don’t come under logic ,so please use science after Qur'an (Revelation from Allah) and the Ahadith (Sayings of the Prophet s.a.w.). (emphasis added)

It's not often that you see the point made so blatantly, but isn't it pretty much true of all religious discussion, not just Islamic discussion? (We see such a refusal to engage in reasoning and logic in Talk Back 109 and the following discussion) Reasoning and logic are forbidden because they might lead to disbelief.

* A screen capture of the rules as of 31 August 2012

Screen capture of rules