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Meditation 1012
Once again, the real life effects of imaginary psychic visions

by: John Tyrrell

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A Texas couple are suing over an incident whereby their ranch was invaded by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the FBI, and the Texas Rangers investigating a supposed scene of mass murder, all based on an unverified tip from a psychic who had had a "vision'. The raid was caught on film by news teams in helicopters who then broadcast the details of the search and identifying the couple by name as murder suspects.

Of course nothing was found in the search of the ranch property and indeed, there is no evidence that the twenty five or more murders referred to by the psychic had been committed by anyone anywhere. Except in the fevered imagination of a deluded self-identified psychic.

And based on that fevered imagination, a couple's lives were tossed into turmoil.

It is reminiscent of the case I wrote about four years ago in Meditation 708 when another psychic had a single mother investigated by Children's Aid for child abuse - another case blown out of proportion by those in authority, solely on the unsubstantiated imagination of a self-identified psychic.

In the Texas case, it was subsequently discovered that the psychic involved had done it before - reporting to another police department that two missing children were being held captive in a farmhouse. Of course nothing was found there either, but police resources were wasted which could have been better spent on finding the missing kids, and innocent people were inconvenienced.

The question is why police bother with psychic tips. No psychic using psychic powers has ever contributed to the solution of any police case. It doesn't matter what psychics claim, or what you might see in the movies or on TV. That's all fiction. Or in the case of psychics' claims of helping the police, falsehoods. In reality, not one murder has ever been solved using psychic powers. Not one missing person has ever been found through psychic powers. Not a single one.

Psychics are malign parasites upon humanity. They and their visions should be treated with contempt.