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Meditation 1032
Only judged by one power

by: John Tyrrell

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Try as I might, I was unable to avoid news stories about a young pop star's near meltdown in London last week. These were followed by news stories about his confusing or contradictory twitter responses to a degree of criticism he probably had not encountered before.

One of those defensive tweets caught my eye:

"But know this . . . I'm only judged by one power, and I serve him"

It reminds me of so many other very public Christians caught violating Christian standards who have said about the same thing - "Never you mind, it's up to God to judge me." In saying that, they are implicitly suggesting that God is OK with what they've done.

Essentially their God is nothing but a mirror image of themselves. If they can justify their behaviour to themselves, they've justified it to God. The power they serve is just themselves.

The fact is that we are judged by others. We don't always have to accept that judgement, but in rejecting it, we should take personal responsibility for the rejection. We should not pass responsibility to some deity.