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Meditation 1063
God's Got Plans For Me, Me, Me

by: John Tyrrell

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Unlike his indiscriminate use of natural disasters to punish transgressions, God apparently is able to specifically target those he wants to reward.

An 18 year old Mormon missionary survived a train crash in Spain this week which took 78 lives. He got away with a broken vertebra in his neck. And he had to credit God with his survival:

"From a religious standpoint, I'd like to say that God has something in store for me and that there's a reason I'm still here."

Yes - God reached down and chose him to survive because God has got plans for him. Not to mention approximately 2/3 of the other passengers.

One wonders if it would not have been easier for God to arrange that the train not be travelling so much over the speed limit than to have to choose the 140 lucky survivors and determine the amount of injury each would sustain. But I guess the Mormon God didn't have plans for the unfortunate 78.


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