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Meditation 1068
Signs from God

by: John Tyrrell

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Parishioners at St John's Catholic Cathedral in Fresno, California are claiming that a clear liquid dripping from a myrtle tree on church property is God's tears. Whether they are supposed to be tears of despair or tears of joy remains unclear. But obviously they are God's tears - after all, what other explanation could there be?

Bugshit say arborists. Or more politely, excrement from aphids which have been sucking sap from the tree - just like the liquid dripping from the tree across the road which isn't seen as a miracle because it isn't on church property.

Meanwhile in other news the Gastonguay family is safely back in the United States. They left the US by sailboat to avoid paying federal taxes that fund abortions and the promotion of a homosexual agenda. They felt persecuted because the government would not force the Gastonguay's religious beliefs on all Americans. Their intention was to sail to Kiribati where both abortion and homosexuality remain illegal.

They ran into a series of storms, got lost, their yacht got damaged, and they were running out of food. But they had faith - they prayed that the storms would end and eventually the storms did end (just like every other storm has ended in the history of the world - with or without prayer). And this they regarded as a miracle. After 91 days, they were rescued "in the middle of nowhere."

If one was to look for a sign from God in all this, wouldn't it be the storms that prevented them from achieving the goal which they'd set in their ignorant* bigotry, rather than claiming the end of the storms was a miracle?

If there is a God - then I think the Gastonguays got a very clear sign. And they, by sticking to their beliefs, are treating that sign as if it is bugshit.


* Ignorant because they incorrectly think their federal taxes are spent on abortion and promoting homosexuality, rather than providing assistance in getting home to Americans who get in trouble abroad - even self-inflicted trouble.

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