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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1118
More Sh!t Christians Say

by: JT

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Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League in the US, announced he had to back out of his plan to participate in the New York City LGBT Pride parade because the organizers of the event required him to attend “gay training.”

According to Donahue:

“Today, I informed Heritage of Pride officials that I objected to their rule requiring me to attend gay training sessions, or what they call ‘information’ sessions. ‘I don’t agree with your rule,’ I said. They responded by saying that attendance was ‘mandatory.”

You might wonder why Bill Donahue who slavishly follows Catholic doctrine as set down by Jean-Paul II and Benedict XVI had planned to march in a Gay Pride parade in the first place.

Well, he really did submit an application to participate, noting in his application that he would be carrying a banner affirming that “Straight is Great.”

Is it possible that he applied expecting to be turned down so he could make a big deal of criticizing the organizers? Did he think he had a cunning plan? Was the application just sh!t Christians say?

If getting rejected was his plan, it fell flat. The organizers welcomed him with open arms, saying:

“His group’s presence affirms the need for this year’s Pride theme, ‘We Have Won When We’re One.’ Straight is great — as long as there’s no hate.”

So, Bill Donahue was left with an approved application to march in a Gay Pride parade carrying his banner, and effectively showing support for gay pride. Probably this is something he really did not want to do. He could have quietly withdrawn his application - or he could find a way to make a big deal out of not marching. Thus another "cunning plan" to claim being forced into "gay training sessions," thereby making the organizers look bad.

And what were those so-called "gay training sessions"?

They were safety orientation sessions, mandatory for organizers of all groups participating in the parade. Safety orientation, not gay orientation.

Apparently, as far as Bill Donhue and the Catholic League are concerned, safety is gay.

As I see it, in applying to participate in the parade and then in coming up with a pathetic excuse not to participate, Bill Donahue is either thoroughly stupid, or an outright liar; possibly both. And his application and his excuse - both are just sh!t Christians say?


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