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Meditation 1147
The Pathetically Needy God.

by: John Tyrrell

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Earlier this week, I was looking at the Creation Moments website, largely to laugh at their extremely silly restatement of "Watchmaker Argument" which involves an admittedly photoshopped image of the world on a cow.

They even fall into the Ray Comfort banana error by thinking today's cow was intelligently designed by God.

But that's not what this article is about. There's no point in debunking the watchmaker argument all over again. But while I was visiting Creation Moments, I took the time to look at their Doctrinal Statement which involves the usual biblical inerrancy and young earth creationism assertations. It also states as its fourth point out of eight:

4. A divine design and purpose exists in nature, and this purpose is to point to and glorify the Creator.

It's not an unusual Christian statement. You can find the equivalent on numerous Christian websites, complete with biblical references showing that we exist to glorify God.

According to them everything exists - including you and me - for the sole purpose of pointing to and glorifying God.

According to them, God created everything just so he could be glorified; as a result we exist just to glorify God. That's our purpose in life.

How many times have you encountered assertations by Christians that life must have no meaning for us because we don't believe?

What an empty existence it must be to feel your sole reason for being is to glorify a deity who needed praise!

If I believed that a god existed and that he created me with the purpose of glorifying him, I could not possibly do so. How could I glorify an entity so pathologically and pathetically needy?

How empowering it is to realize that without such a needy god, you are free to set your own purpose in life. Or not to select a purpose at all. It's your choice.

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