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Meditation 1168
I Don't Mind Ken Ham Building His Ark;
Just Like Noah Supposedly Built His.

by: John Tyrrell

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Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and his Ark Park made the news twice in past days.

First, Ken Ham loudly announced his new billboards across the state of Kentucky and an electronic billboard on Times Square, New York. According to Ham the billboards are designed "[t]o counter this intense misinformation campaign by secularists and many in the media."

You can see from the image just how effectively the billboards are going to counter whatever misinformation is out there. They seem so informative.

Following the announcement of this campaign, the state of Kentucky rejected Ham's $18 million application for sales tax rebates, which would have meant the state would have indirectly offset some of the cost of the park. They decided the whole endeavour was not really a theme park, but just an extension of Ham's ministry.

Ham announced he would continue without state support. Perhaps he will manage it, but I'm dubious about that "2016" on his billboards.

But I have a suggestion for Ken Ham as to how to go about building Ham's Ark. The answer, of course, is in Genesis. That's the book where Ken Ham tells us all the answers are. And the specific verses Ham should refer to are Genesis 6: 14-22.

The passage opens with God telling Noah to build an ark.  And as verse 22 says: "Noah did this, he did all that God commanded him."

"Noah did this" - Genesis states it clearly. Noah did it - nobody else is listed as being involved with building the ark.

Did Noah go to the regional government asking for special incentives? The answer is in Genesis. No such action was is specified in Genesis. Noah financed and built the ark on his own.

Did Noah convince a nearby town to sell municipal bonds to help fund the ark? The answer is in Genesis. No such bond issue is mentioned. Noah financed and built the ark on his own.

Did Noah seek donations to help finance the ark? The answer is in Genesis. No such fundraising drive is referred to. Noah financed and built the ark on his own.

Did Noah waste time, effort, and money to erect billboards far and wide to counter criticism of his ark building? The answer is in Genesis. Noah needed no billboards. Noah paid no attention to criticism. He just got on with building his ark.

Ken Ham claims the answers are in Genesis. Ken Ham believes the words in Genesis are the absolute literal truth. So if Noah could do build an ark without public help and without worrying about criticism from the doubters, why can't Ham?

As Ham continues to jump through hoops in an effort to obtain the funding he needs to build his "life-sized" ark he is proving one thing - the feat is beyond the efforts of one man. There is no way Noah built an ark as described in Genesis 6. It's just another biblical tall tale; it's just another myth. And that's the real answer we can find in Genesis.

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