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Meditation 1258
The powerless illuminati

by: John Tyrrell

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In Talk Back 134, we have someone claiming in all seriousness that the illuminati want to kill him.

The origin of the illuminati is in an 18th Century Bavarian secret society with the goals of opposing "superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power."*

Those who make silly claims about the illuminati today seem to view them as having precisely the opposite aims to the original society.

I'd say to Jas, the individual who claims the illuminati are trying to kill him, that

a.) if the illuminati really existed, and

b.) if the illuminati were actually as powerful as is claimed by believers, and

c.) if the illuminati had decided back in November 2007 that they wanted someone dead,** then

-- that person would not have survived until 2008, let alone 2015.

Quite simply, at least one of a, b, or c, above is false. Quite probably, all three are.

Jas can get back to his life unworried about a shadowy organization trying to kill him - and instead of wasting time trying to decode Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he should just look at it as the crappiest movie in the Indiana Jones franchise.


* See Wikipedia

** as an amusing exercise for timewasters, do a web search for lists of famous people supposedly killed by the illuminati.

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