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Meditation 1273
If They Claim End Times Are Coming, Why Don't They Act Like It?

by: John Tyrrell

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One thing I've learned - there's always some fundamentalist Christian claiming End Times are coming because we've angered God. These Chicken Little's blather on and on about why End Times will arrive in the very near future - but if you look at their actions, they just carry on their own lives as if nothing is going to happen. And if you look at their web sites, you'll see ongoing requests for donations for a plethora of long range projects.*

What is the point of long range projects if the world is about to end?

This week we saw End Times predictions from Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) and Ken Ham.

Lotz blames End Times on Satan's support for same-sex marriage. A casual perusal of her blog entries categorized as End Times over the past few years show that she sees End Times as a Good Thing because she will get to see Jesus. And yet by blaming it on same-sex marriage, she is essentially suggesting it as a Bad Thing.

Lotz, in saying End Times is coming is just echoing what her brother Franklin, and father Billy Graham have been saying in recent years. And none of this trio have made any lifestyle changes to indicate that they actually expect the End Times to arrive in the foreseeable future.

As for Ken Ham latest prediction - well it's not really a new prediction, he made it back in October 2013 in Answers in Genesis. Over two years later and it has not come true, so he decided to feature his prediction once again on the AiG website.

And yet, in spite of his End Times prediction, Ham continues to push forward with his Ark Park with what appears to be an unnecessarily complex business and financial structure for a short term enterprise. Otherwise there's no apparent point in creating separate profit and non-profit enterprises to manage one theme park unless there's a long term expectation that profits can be extracted from the venture.

Ken Ham might talk about coming End Times, but he sure does not act like they are on the horizon.


* Not relevant to the point of this particular article, but amusing nonetheless: One of the options for donating on Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse website is to donate money specifically allocated to Christians persecuted within the USA. Yes - you can donate to pathetic whiners with a persecution complex; to those Christians outed as persecuting others; and to those Christians who who see claiming persecution to be a profitable scam.

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