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Meditation 1281
Religious Freedom: What Does it Cover?

by: Johnny Monsarrat

Reprinted from the Secular Policy Institute website

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The religious freedom argument, having been used in the United States to refuse cake, crafts, and chicken sandwiches to LBGTA people, and then to refuse full healthcare coverage to women, is being used in a variety of creative new ways. In 2012 a religious school was allowed to ignore the Americans with Disabilities Act. Now teachers are using a religious argument to avoid paying union fees.

Should a union be given a monopoly to speak for every teacher at a school? Regardless of your views on this, using religion to opt out of obeying laws is a dangerous trend.

In this MSNBC article, Religious Freedom Arguments Used to Weaponize the First Amendment, Georgetown Law professor Robin West says that the demands for extralegal treatment create “separate sovereignties.”

Is this a form of theocracy? What’s next, opting out of traffic tickets?


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