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Meditation 1283
It's just my theory, but anyone who denies evolution by saying it is "just a theory" is a fool.

by: John Tyrrell

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Christina Wilkinson, the head teacher of St Andrew’s Church of England school in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England has been the object of widespread mockery in the UK after claiming that there is more evidence that the Bible is true than there is for evolution.

She was responding to a tweet by a London headteacher encouraging teachers to stick to science when discussing the origins of life. Wilkinson replied with:

“Evolution is not a fact. That’s why it’s called a theory! There’s more evidence that the Bible is true.”

With this one tweet, Wilkinson exposed her ignorance of science, her complete ignorance of the paucity of evidence for the truth of the bible, and her thorough ignorance of her own church's teachings. In short, she revealed she is a fool. (But that's just my theory.)

Back in 1962, I attended a weekend religious retreat for 6th form students sponsored by the the Coventry Diocese of the Church of England.* What I came away with from that weekend (other than a new girlfriend) was an clear understanding that the Church of England did not follow a literal interpretation of the Bible, rather it followed a spiritual interpretation. Evolution was seen as quite consistent with the spiritual message of Genesis. The Church of England was no longer the Church of Bishop Wilberforce.

That was half a century ago, and since then, there has been no announcement the Church is returning to a literal interpretation of Genesis. Like the Catholic Church, the Church of England has no problem with squaring evolution with seeing the creation myths in Genesis as expressing a spiritual truth.

Wilkinson seems quite unaware of her Church's own teachings. Rather she seems to have been infected by the vocal teachings of Christian fundamentalists.



* I'll confess my motivations were not entirely pure. I was at an all-boys school in Coventry and I knew half the other attendees would be from an all-girls school. But, I'm sure the Bishop of Coventry knew what he was doing when he set it up that way.

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