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Meditation 1291
Higher Purpose: ending violence

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a civilization that subscribes to a higher purpose, not a higher power, not a higher authority, not even a higher being, but a higher purpose, perchance a nation that dreams of ending violence against children, a nation that seeks to help adults develop constructive parenting skills, or a world that dreams of ending domestic abuse, physical, psychological and sexual abuse, a world that aspires to help families develop constructive interpersonal skills; perhaps a civilization with ambitions of helping victims of violence, a civilization that wishes to help victims of assault and rape rebuild their lives and restore their dignity and integrity; possibly a nation with dreams of helping humanity end violence perpetrated against one another, particularly the violence perpetrated in the name of religion and supernatural beings, a nation that dreams of helping zealous assailants understand the harm they are inflicting upon their fellow human beings, help them make amends and help them learn benevolent social behaviours; perchance a world that strives to help everybody understand anger is normal and inevitable, but there are constructive ways to manage our anger and there are nondestructive ways to express our anger, and truly virtuous people choose the peaceful method over the violent method.


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