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Meditation 1293
Re-Imagining Reality: our noblest virtues

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a civilization that holds our noblest virtues - love, compassion and forgiveness - grow from empathy, from our willingness to listen to one another, not to preach, not to convert others to our views, but to listen attentively with both ears fully engaged so we can understand one another’s pleasures and pains, to listen carefully so we can comprehend one another’s joys and anxieties, to listen with undivided attention so we can appreciate one another’s triumphs and tragedies.

I dream of a civilization that contends it is easy, so very easy to deny our noblest virtues - our love, compassion and forgiveness - to a fellow human being when we know nothing of their favourite literature, their favourite movies, their favourite music, their favourite fashion and their favourite cuisine, a civilization that asserts the more we listen to one another, the greater our understanding of their humanity the greater our understanding, the greater our love, compassion and forgiveness will be for them.

I dream of a civilization that attests we need to listen to each other, not so we can fix each other’s problems or assign blame, but so we to enhance our mutually understanding, a civilization that asserts we need to listen to each other, not to judge nor idolize, but to honestly understand how we think and feel about life’s myriad experiences,



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