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Meditation 1296
Ken Ham Foams At The Mouth Again

by: John Tyrrell

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Tri-State Freethinkers* has been conducting a fundraising campaign to put up billboards criticizing Ken Ham's Ark Encounter. Currently, they've raised enough for two billboards and they are aiming for more.

Ken Ham isn't happy. He's foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

He's claiming this campaign is somehow denying equal rights for Christians - apparently Ham lumps in all Christians with his ignorant young earth creationist followers. (But how mocking Ham's project equates to a denial of equal rights is unclear.)

He's saying that atheists are not capable of making moral judgments because they lack absolute moral standards and thus have no right to consider the Ark story highly immoral. (But Ham is incapable of providing a logical explanation as to why his genocidal God's absolute moral standards are in any way superior - or even equal to - any other moral framework.)

He's saying that as believers in evolution, atheists should have no moral problem with incest. (He clearly does not understand how thinking people come to moral decisions)

Apparently the incest** in Genesis is quite moral as far as Ham is concerned because God ordained it. (I presume that if Ham heard that little voice in his head tell him to do his daughter...)


* Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

** Adam and Eve's sons and daughters; Adam and Eve's grandchildren; Noah's grandchildren; Lot and his daughters; Abram and his half-sister (and we haven't got out of Genesis yet - there's more to come.)

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