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Meditation 1301
Dreaming of - - appreciation

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a civilization that believes appreciation is an essential element for building beautiful relationships, not a civilization that believes blind obedience to authority and unquestioning subservience to a rigid hierarchy are the essential attributes of good relationships, but a civilization that views appreciation as an essential element for creating satisfying marriages, loving families, friendly neighbourhoods, exceptional friendships and rewarding workplaces.

I dream of a civilization that comprehends no sane, semi-intelligent human enjoys being around those who are utterly contemptuous of their efforts, a civilization that understands we will gladly go the extra distance for those who appreciate our efforts but we will only do what we absolutely must for those who are decidedly unappreciative of our efforts.

I dream of a civilization that recognizes appreciation is an essential building block in mutually respectful marriages, a civilization that suggests we express our appreciation for everything our loved one does for us be it a childish pun or a luxurious massage, an incredibly candlelight dinner or cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry or fixing a squeaky door, a civilization that reminds us no sensible, self-respecting human wishes to be around someone who is appreciates nothing they do for them, a civilization that reminds us that we are always eternally grateful to those we truly respect and admire, and we most admire and respect those who honestly appreciate everything we do for them.

I dream of a civilization that recognizes the value of gratitude in creating loving, supportive families, a civilization that recognizes a family that is ungrateful is a family that has no desire to be together, a civilization that urges parents to be good models and express their appreciation when the kids pick up their coats and clean up their toys and their rooms, urging parents to show a little appreciation when they help prepare dinner, set the table or clean the dishes, even if they were only obeying orders, for they are human and humans are more inclined to help those who appreciate their efforts and only too happy to abandon those who appreciate nothing.

I dream of a civilization that applauds appreciation between friends for good friends are present in the best of times and the worst of times, and they are present by choice, not because they must be present through thick and thin, but because they choose to help us celebrate the good times and they choose to help us survive the bad times, they choose to cherish our admirable characteristics and they choose to politely ignore our undesirable characteristics so they truly deserve our most sincere appreciation.

I dream of a civilization that reminds us appreciation is key to building good working relationships for no sensible, semi-intelligent human gives their best work to those who have not a milligram of appreciation for their hard work, a civilization that reminds us work is tough and a little appreciation makes a tough job just a little more bearable, a civilization that reminds us a little appreciation to coworkers, subordinates or superiors just gives others a little sense of satisfaction, the wonderful feeling that their efforts are worth the agony and anguish, while miserable, ungrateful coworkers, bosses and subordinates just magnify the trials and tribulations of toiling for a living,


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