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Meditation 1303
Ham's Farcical Ark Facade

by: John Tyrrell

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Ken Ham's Ark Encounter is supposed to open in a couple of months. I've rounded up several images of the ark under construction from the web - most of them originated from Ken Ham's own publicity photos. Ham's proclaimed intention from the beginning was "building a full-scale Noah’s Ark."

Is that what he's done? The original conceptual drawing shown above seems to picture what could be construed as such a vessel depending on how one interprets the limited description in the bible.

But if we move to the architect's model which seems to have been followed we see that the supposed "full-scale Noah’s Ark" is only a facade - a semblance of an Ark on one side, and on the other, a series of block shaped features.

And that's what Ham has built as can be seen during construction.

We see clearly see a huge concrete foundation, and concrete building, inextricably attached to Ham's Ark - which he describes as the world’s largest timber-framed building. A building! NOT a boat!

With all these concrete pilings underneath it, we can surely state this Ark won't float. And we should note that concrete as we know it was invented by the Romans in about 300 BC.

In this image from Ham's site of the Ark outline superimposed on construction, we can clearly see the Ark is planned as a facade hung on concrete buildings.

I'm sure as you look at the images you can see all the construction equipment - and all the workmen involved.

Ham expected criticism about this from the start. Back in 2011 he wrote:

Furthermore, nowhere does it say Noah built the Ark by himself. He may have hired a crew of craftsmen who used both metal and wooden tools, which the Bible records they had available (Genesis 4:22). Such tools may have been as advanced as ours today.

As Ham wrote in the same piece:

Let’s take off our mental glasses that are possibly tinted by evolutionary thinking as we make some reasonable speculations based on the Bible.

Ham's philosophy in a nutshell. Don't be confused by reality - just invent nonsense which isn't in the bible to try to make coherent sense of the few details in the bible.

Looking at interior construction, we can see biblically speculatively correct particleboard beams and plywood.

More speculatively biblically correct plywood along with use of biblically speculatively correct drywall.

As to the lighting, Ham admits he does not know how the interior of the Ark was lit with only one window. But speculatively (because what else is the Answers in Genesis guy going to do when the answer is not in Genesis)...

An ancient Hebrew tradition says the tsohar was a very large pearl or gem that Noah hung in the rafters of the Ark, which powered itself and illuminated the Ark. That’s highly speculative to consider, of course, but it is something we have come across in our research.

That's right -- according to Ham, the interior of the ark may have been lit with a large pearl. Oysters must have been huge back in pre-flood days.

On final image - look at all that metal holding the beams together. All told, the biblically speculatively correct Ham's Ark contains about 95 tons of steel as connectors and plating.


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