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Meditation 1304
Dreaming of - - one size doesn’t fit all

by: Gordon Barthel

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I dream of a world that recognizes one perspective doesn’t fit all, a world that recognizes humans have a hundred personalities - some being sociable, some being solitary and many being between, some being courteous, some being crusty and many being both, some being selfish, some being selfless and most fluctuating - and every personality has its own perspective on everything.

I dream of a world that understands one ideology doesn’t fit all, a world that understands people have different influences growing up, varying psychological, social, educational, economical, philosophical, political and spiritual influences affecting their development from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

I dream of a world that acknowledges one school of thought does not fit all, a world that acknowledges people have different intellectual aptitudes for some are analytical, some are sceptical, some are pragmatic, some are idealistic, some are philosophical, some are imaginative, some are emotive, and each state of mind has its own particular perspective on reality.

I dream of a world that admits one creed does not fit all, a world that admits human spirituality may be more variegated than human psychology and human intelligence combined, though this is merely a hypothesis since nobody has investigated this possibility because religion strives for absolute conformity, yet it is a hypothesis that follows from the simple fact some believe in one deity (and there are hundreds of these solitary deities governing the universe), some believe in dozens of deities and some believe there are no immortals, some believe in the universe, some believe in humanity and some believe it is not important.

I dream of a world that appreciates one philosophy will never satisfy all humankind for humans are as variegated as the galaxies populating the night skies, a world that recognizes egomaniacal narcissists would love to govern a species of bipedal primates who adhere to a single line of thought like compliant little termites obediently going about their duties for the glory of their eternally pregnant queen.

I dream of a world that comprehends humanity will never conform to a single perspective simply because we are adaptable creatures who constantly tweak our views to make sense of the complicated world around us.


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