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Meditation 1306
Just check Snopes...

by: John Tyrrell

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Somebody's blog entry discussing the 1956 film, The 10 Commandments appeared in my news feed. It wasn't particularly interesting*, but what really grabbed my attention was the "Related Articles" that Facebook chose to highlight under the post.

Three articles on evidence of the crossing of the Red Sea and discovery of the remains of Pharoah's army.

Well, I wasn't aware of this great archeological discovery, so I decided to check things out. Fortunately, one of the top links returned to me when I tried a web search was Snopes which had already investigated this widely distributed tale.

Quite simply, numerous websites, particularly Christian websites, had fallen for a tale fabricated by a fake news site. Just like Aunt Tilly, getting all horrified by something in The Onion and sharing her horror with all her friends and relatives.

Anyway, it's a good practice whenever you see a claim that scientists have confirmed some religion's claims -- Just check Snopes.


* ...other than the slightly amusing claim 2016 was the 50th anniversary of the film.

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